I am never installing another subpanel again. What a pain.
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I am never installing another subpanel again. What a pain.
It's a pain, but gives you a lot of flexibility for wiring. When I did mine I priced the materials to do it myself, then got a couple estimates for having someone else take care of everything. Getting someone else ended up costing me about about $500 more, but the guy knew what he was doing and finished installing the panel, four 110v 15 amp receptacles, one 110v 20 amp, and one 220v 60 amp in under two hours. I gladly paid the extra money, because I would have studied the problem for two hours before getting started! :rolleyes:
It wasn't bad, it's mainly me just being a baby. 1 ought is hard to work with.

My old main panel had 7 unused ground screws. I went to use one for my ground lug and it stripped. Went to the next empty one, it started to strip too. Then I noticed 7 grounds that had been joined with other grounds. So whoever wired the house had a tough time with them too. I was able to join a couple more with each other and that freed up a space for my lug.

The outlet tester shows everything wired correctly. The gfci trips as it should. The two hots are showing 245 volts.
What? The internet says the MC wind chime makes better chimes than all competitors. They even have illustrations.

I heard it's more flexy but only when you use the magic unicorn cream.

It has Kevlar treated strings, so those strings will last a lifetime
Posted this in the Shop thread but Ill toss it here too:) My cabinets are mounted. I also have one more tool cart I bought at another auction (auctions are addicting) that I am picking up in the morning. One of these days I'll start working on the jeep again. Torque boxes, sliders, hydro assist, body mounts, sub mounting, savvy trans flip and OTK steering all need done this year.