Whats my Jeep worth?

I have no Faceplant, anyone grab a pic?

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Taccoa Falls College, (dont tell anyone but the reason i would even consider selling my Jeep is to move into the realm of sports cars)
the thing is to REALLY enjoy the jeep i have to drive multiple hours to off-road, vs a lil sports car.....

Sports cars and jeeps fill different niches. Been there. Sell one for the other and you end up needing another car......

Jeeps are more enjoyable for summer around town driving too IMO, even compared to a real convertible.

If you can leave it at home for college, or bring it back if you decide you don't like it there, maybe do that. I know when I moved off to college it wasn't anything like I expected lol
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They're safer too, if seatbelts are used. A buddy of mine had his Miata roll and it didn't end well for him.

I was always afraid of that. Having a convertible that you're trying to make fast is sketchy. The only ones I'd really consider now is like an SL500 with the automatic rollbar