1. Stinkbug

    SOLD PowerTank with mount and accessories

    I have a Power tank kit for sale. It includes Tank (only one scratch on it. It’s the sticker in the picture) Boot Carry Handle Regulator. Scale (to measure amount of CO2) Coiled Airline Inflation Tools Tank Regulator Tool Carry bag Mounting bracket Power tank branded mount that mounts the...
  2. dbbd1

    Oregon AFe Cold Air Intake

    For sake $100 plus shipping (or free pick up) I am selling my aFe cold air intake. I need to go with a cowl intake so that I can mount my OBA in its place. It has about 5k miles on it, with a dry (no oil!) re-usable air filter. Kit is complete and with instructions. I have attached the Amazon...
  3. LJDC

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    I’m planning to add an ARB compressor, for (yet-to-be-installed) lockers and for airing up. (I don’t and won’t own air tools.) Is the twin just a matter of convenience, or is there a functional difference that I should care about? I can mount the single on the driver’s side of the engine...
  4. ljmcgeahy

    Jeep will not blow any air

    I’m having this problem with my 1998 2.5 liter TJ where my air will not blow out of any vents. Never had to deal with something like this so I don’t know what is going on. This is a video of what’s happening. It seems like it is recognizing that I’m turning on the air but it won’t actually turn...
  5. KCNoDots

    What PSI for 35X12.50R15 tires on 15x8 wheels on the trail?

    I was looking through the FAQ and cannot find a thread on it. I was planning on airing down to about 12-13 psi. The lowest I have ever been is 18psi. I am on stock TJ Canyon wheels (15x8"). How low should I be going to be safe and not worry about slipping off a bead? Terrain is AZ desert...
  6. Jon Wildes

    Is there a thread for an A/C install?

    I am going to install an air conditioner in my TJ before next summer. I haven’t found a thread on here but knowing this place there is one. Has anyone installed a new one or have any tricks or good idea on parts? Thanks in advance.
  7. Matthew Keller

    P1604 headache

    I can't seem to win with my TJ. Just fixed a few issues and now I'm throwing a p1604 code. This is a communication issue apparently with the computer. I just completely removed and cleaned my throttle body and IAC so I'm thinking something during that processes may have caused this problem. The...
  8. D

    A/C dead on possible purchase

    So Chris shot down my White Sahara dreams (really, thanks Chris...I don't need a money pit). Now I'm looking at a 2006 Golden Eagle with almost twice the miles (125K) but 4 fewer years and, hopefully, no rust issues. This one is a lot more local than the Sahara and I'm hoping to get a hands-on...
  9. Chris

    On-Board Air Conversion of Stock Jeep Wrangler TJ A/C System

    1. CONTENTS Overview Performance Review Component Selection Installation Resources 2. OVERVIEW This OBA (on-board air) conversion utilizes the stock factory A/C system on the Jeep TJ Wrangler as an on-board air source. By doing so the A/C functionality is lost for the gain of a compressed...
  10. mouth

    On board air

    I've been thinking of converting my factory AC compressor over to on board air. I didn't notic any threads of this in my search. Has anyone done this and do you have a link or build thread? Thanks.
  11. Kevin E

    Portable Air

    Is this a decent compressor? Smittybuilt 5.65 CFM portable air compressor It's 30% off today only. Thought about getting one unless it's junk!
  12. TJDave

    Wrangler TJ Catching Air!

    okay, i can't imagine his axles like him for this one...