1. N

    NV3550 Advice

    I have a 2001 TJ 4.0 with an NV3550. I had some normal nv grinding from 1-2 and then got worse on downshifting. Just recently it started to come out of third when decelerating so I took it to a shop and long story short I need a transmission and a clutch no surprise which they quoted me 4900...
  2. Hammer_c

    California Complete 2000 TJ Sport 4.0 drivetrain and other parts (117,000 miles)

    Hello everybody, I'll be parting out my drivetrain on my 2000 TJ since i'm doing a Hemi Swap. I am the 2nd owner from 2007 and 62,000 miles. I'll be selling everything associated with the 4.0. Everything works greats (AC compressor, Alternator, cruise, etc) and it's a strong running motor. I'd...
  3. M

    Should I rebuild or replace my AX-15?

    My ax-15 transmission is almost in need of replacement. Syncros are out in second and third can’t even hardly get it in gear sometimes. I can’t find anyone in my area that will work on it to replace them. Would you recommend buying a new one or a reman? Also any recommendations on where from...
  4. freedom_in_4low

    NSG370 to AX15 swap

    starting this thread to document my swap instead of doing it after the fact when my memory is fuzzy. Background: my NSG370 pops out of reverse. In street use it's tolerable but it's exacerbated when backing against any resistance, such as uphill (like the 8% grade on my driveway) or if a tire...
  5. J.L

    Ax15 or nv3550

    je got both transmission wich one is the best for doing a diesel swap
  6. S

    WTB: AX15/NV3550 Bellhousing

    My BellHousing Cracked. I Live in the Lehigh Valley Area of PA. I have a nv3550 transmission.
  7. C

    Questions about AX-15 swap in LJ

    Hey all, I'm new, please don't beat me up! Time to buy my next project (5th 4x4, but first Jeep). Plannin the build thoroughly and budgeting all parts before purchasing. (But I'm ready to buy once I find the vehicle and work out compatibility.) Currently looking at non-Rubicon LJs and...
  8. K

    Starting the 5.3 swap for my 99 Tj and considering keeping the stock 5 speed

    I’m about to begin the 5.3 swap on my 99 tj. It has the AX15 5 speed in it and I would love to keep it In the Jeep but not sure it’ll hold up. Does anyone have any experience with these transmissions being mated to a v8?
  9. VodkaMan

    Sudden Heavy Clutch

    Hey guys, need some help. The clutch on my TJ has always been quite light. I changed my TJ AX15 gearbox oil and within two days the clutch is very heavy and hard to press. Is this a coincidence and it’s something else at fault or could it be related? Swapped with 75w-85 gl4 full synth
  10. TreverStevens

    Are the NV3550 and AX-15 bell housings the same?

    Can anyone tell me if the transmission side of the bell housing is the same between the NV3550 and the AX15? Are the bell housings able to be swapped between the two?
  11. JaysJeeps

    2000 tj 4.0motor questions

    Ok so recently i purchased a 2000 tj with a supposed ax15 transmission.The motor is blown up and needs replaced.Arond me there is this dirt cheap 97 cheorkee xj motor that caught fire.My question is this. Can i use the 97 cheorkee xj block and just mount all my old motor stuff on it. Or will it...
  12. NicKnack

    Very Confused... kinda

    The body plate on my TJ has the code DDQ (= AX5 transmission), but as I'm looking at the transmission, it looks like an AX15... no cast iron section. I'm satisfied with the visual conclusion that I do in fact have an AX15, but the thing that befuddles me is why/how a stock TJ w/ 4.0 in it...
  13. Bryan

    Swapping to a 32rh transmission

    I'm new to the forum and was told to look on here. So here I am lol. Looking for someone that has swap manual transmission to the automatic 32rh transmission. I just bought the 32rh and needing a detailed write up on it. I was also told that a guy named @Jerry Bransford has done this before so...