1. DeLoe5

    What gear ratio should I run and what all should I upgrade?

    Hey everyone! I have a 2002 TJ with the 2.5 in it. My dad bought this Jeep when I was 5 and I am looking to fix it up as I have started my career and can start having some real fun with this! I do use my jeep as a daily driver (maybe 10 miles a day since I work close to home). I am waiting on a...
  2. saltysurfjeep

    Axle shaft not fitting

    I’m installing new chromoly axle shafts in my Dana 30. Passenger side went in fine. The driver’s side slide in easy but the hub bearing isn’t setting flush in the knuckle. If I torque it down it’ll rotate fine with the wheels straight, but if I turn the steering wheel and rotate something is...
  3. K

    Factory air lockers

    So I’m looking at doing a re gear on my axles and I was wondering what years did the tj have air lockers for the rubicon. (My axles were swaped) And I was also wonder if I could use the factory air system and just hook it up to arb air lockers, any help would be appreciated
  4. 97 TJ Maverick

    Any Suggestions for Front Pinion Issue? Is regearing worth it/a good idea?

    Hey fellow, jeepers, I am looking for input and suggestions. I have a 1997, 4.0/5 speed manual with a 6 inch lift 35 inch tires, and factory 3.07 gears in a Dana 35 rear and Dana 30 front. I recently noticed a significant leak coming from my front pinion seal. I also have a little bit of noise coming...
  5. Mike_in_Riga

    Help with Dana 44 bearing cap identification

    Dear TJ Forum Members, I would like to ask for your collective (and individual) wisdom with a problem I have. In a sentence - a workshop took off diff from my Dana44 without marking bearing caps, and I am now trying to identify left and right one before installing ARB locker. I have read...
  6. owenjan11

    Blown up front diff

    I was out the other day on moderate trails and on the way back there was a loud knocking in the front end that I could feel through the wheel and the floor. when I got home I jacked up the front end and I spun each wheel separately, they spun freely for almost a full rotation and then would...
  7. DWR

    Axle shaft question

    Had a u-joint decide to preform an unexpected rapid disassembly and proceed to bend the ears on the axle shaft and short end (yoke?) of my jeep. Driver/left side. So, I need to replace those. Details are that I run 33” 12.5wide tires and I’m counting 30splines, so apparently the prior owner...
  8. GMB233

    Dana 30 shims slipped out of place

    Pulled my diff cover to change gear oil after a healthy mud weekend and found the shims were sticking out. How the hwll does that happen and what do I do now? Makes no notable noises or anything. Any body have any insight? Its a dana 30 high pinion with 456 gear and a zip locker with rcvs Thanks
  9. LakeBeard

    SOLD Rubicon rear axle

    I have a Rubicon rear axle with 5.13 gears and (5) 35"x12.5 on 15" steelies. asking 2500 or best offer/trade. I'm in North Orange County. I can drop of it somewhat local. I'll get better pics.
  10. S

    Best crate axles to upgrade from my Dana 30 / 35

    I got bit by the bug and want to dive into upgrading my axles. I am set on getting crate axles from one of the big suppliers (currie, ecgs, teraflex, G2, etc) I currently am running 33s on my 30/35 set up. During my upgrade I want selectable lockers, disc brakes, and RCV's. ECGS Dana...
  11. Natethegreat202

    Rear drum brakes and axle gunk

    Hey guys I was under my Jeep (1998 tj 4.0 manual, 97k) and noticed my rear drums have a lot of gunk around them. Well mostly driver side. This is my first vehicle with drums so not sure what’s going on. Jeep runs drives and stops great as far as I know. I’ll include pictures of driver side...
  12. Marstj

    Is low pinion stronger than high pinion for Dynatrac 60 axle?

    Just wondering is low pinion stronger than high pinion for dynatrac 60 axle? Thanks.
  13. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Looking for suggestions on strengthening my Dana 35 axle

    Sunday wheelin ended up with this: broken rear left axle (Dana 35) ! Sounds strange for a 4.0L with 2inches lift and 31” Cooper tires (lsd rear). It happened on a long climb on light/medium rocks with 4 people and bags inside. No bouncing, no full throttle, just heavy load and not the best grip...
  14. Yasha

    Are these axles worth salvaging and using or too far gone?

    I pulled some junkyard axles with 4.10 ratio (stock axles on 4 cylinder automatic) planning to swap them into my Jeep (still running stock 3.07). The axles I pulled kinda look like they're in bad shape and very rusted. I've spent a few hours already stripping scale off and here's where I'm at...
  15. C

    Control arm bracket bent

    04 TJ 4.0L, stock as far as I can tell. 30.5” tires. Owned it for 6 months. Skidded out in the snow into a curb with my front passenger wheel/tire. My front passenger lower control arm got pretty bent. The Jeep now pulls to the right and to go straight I have to keep the wheel at 10-10:30...
  16. freedom_in_4low

    Oklahoma OEM axle shafts front and rear

    I just upgraded to chromoly. front Dana 30 27 spline OEM axle shafts. about 5k miles on sealed Spicer 5-760x u-joints. Ran with 32's and an open diff. Includes ABS tone rings but you don't need ABS to use them. The middle part of the passenger side shaft is cleaner because it's been in an 80s...
  17. Jt223

    Axle pulled out

    What did I do wrong? 3 days ago I replaced me rear axle seal and bearing. Last night as I was pulling into a parking spot at work my axle came undone. The retainer plate basically pulled off everything that was pressed on my axle. Left it all in the tube. I pressed everything on the correct...
  18. Tytanium94

    Broken clutch pieces in Trac Lok Dana 44

    I’ve finally gotten around to throwing the Dana 44 in that I bought about a month ago. I went to inspect the diff before filling it and I found this piece of the inner most clutch disk on passenger side, sitting in the pocket under the pinion,hiding in leftover fluid. Half of that plate is...
  19. Tytanium94

    Ring, pinion, and carrier swap

    out of the interest of experience, I have a stock dana 30 and 35 with 3.07 gears from a tj laying around, and i found a 2002 liberty with Dana 30 and Dana 35 with 3.73 gearing and Trac Lok. I know swapping a used ring and pinion alone are a PIA, but if i take the ring and carrier with Trac lock out as a...
  20. GrapeJuice

    What is this leak (drive side axle end)?

    Still a newbie and need help identifying this leak. Noticed some dampness near the front axle end (drive side only). Is this common, and does it need immediate attention?