1. FarminAg

    Has anyone ever swapped axles from Rubicon to Sport and Sport to Rubicon?

    Anyone ever swap axles between a Rubicon and Sport and put the Dana 30/d35s in the rubicon? I have access to a rubicon and the owner doesn't care about lockers and Dana 44. I have a sport and would love to do a direct swap. Anyone have experience doing this type of trade and making both jeeps run...
  2. Slashbrewer

    What is this tiny hose on my 2006 Rubicon diff?

    Changing rear diff oil on 2006 LJ Ruby. Tiny clamp on tiny tube/hose was loose. It didnt seem to have much life left in it. What is this? Concern? Thanks! (know almost nothing about diff/axles 🥺)
  3. gasiorv

    Tennessee Dana 44 Front Axle Shafts - Ten Factory 4340 Chromoly

    $400 Local pick-up in West TN (Memphis area), buyer pays for shipping, or I can bring to TJ Fest. Ten Factory MG22165 Dana 44 Front Axle Shafts for 03-06 Rubicon. Ten Factory Installed approx 2 years ago. Passenger side is original (2 years old) with a new UJoint installed, drivers side is...
  4. P

    Spartan locked Dana 44 shifting issue

    I installed a Spartan on my Dana 30 awhile ago and had no issues other than characteristics of the locker that appear common. That being said I decided to lock the rear on the Dana 44 since it is not my daily driver. When I do drive it the mechanism acts as I had expected except for one thing: When I...
  5. T

    WTB: TJ Rear Axle

    Looking to begin a TJ build but stuck with Dana 30/Dana 35 3.07 pigs... whomp whomp. Looking for either a Dana 35/Dana 44 rear with 3.73+ gears or a set of axles with 3.73+ gears. Hoping to find them in NY/New England for pickup.
  6. connorwfrench

    Built Dana 30 with 5.13 gears vs Built Dana 44 with 5.38 gears

    2004 Jeep LJ Auto 42RLE Dana 30/Dana 44 Have 35s waiting to be put on. I’ve seen recommendations for my setup at 5.38 gears, but the front Dana 30 can only do 5.13. Should i try to find a front rubicon Dana 44 to get the larger size R&P to fit? Plan on building both axles up to support 35s with either choice...
  7. RangerRick

    SOLD 2005 Rubicon Dana 44 front axle assembly with steering in So, CA

    NEW LOWER PRICE THIS WEEKEND ONLY 4/25 & 4/26!!! For sale: Complete Dana 44 front axle from an original 40K mile Rubicon LJ Wrangler with all steering linkage, brakes, hoses, rotors & locker air pump assembly. This will fit with little to no modifications almost all TJ Wranglers, LJ...
  8. RangerRick

    SOLD TJ/LJ builder parts for sale So CA axles, armor & more

    I will have the following parts for sale: Shipping is not included in the prices unfortunately most Jeep parts are very bulky & heavy. Pickup price is what I have listed. All prices are O.B.O. with a reasonable offer starting price. Please don't insult me with a low-ball because low-ball offers...
  9. VodkaMan

    Swapping out a Dana 35 for Dana 44

    Hi, Was wondering if I swapped out my rear Dana 30 diff and axles will a Dana 44 diff and axles bolt right in using the rest of the existing stuff on the car? Such as is the brakes, hubs, ball joints, Cs, knuckles, and steering the same? Thanks
  10. KCNoDots

    Arizona Coke Ovens near Florence - AZ Jeepers

    I am about to do this trail this weekend with my father-in-law, has anybody here done the trail and do you have any tips or cool things to say about it? I heard its a moderate trail. I do not have lockers, I have 4" lift and 35s with a Dana 44. I hope I will be able to handle it!
  11. TreverStevens

    How compatible is a JK Dana 44 with a TJ?

    Looking at going to a Dana 44 in my '97 TJ but not finding any off a TJ Rubicon in my budget. I did find one off a JK Rubicon not too far away and a decent price though. How compatible are these 2 axles? I know I could pick one up from various other vehicles for a decent price, but the main...
  12. JMT

    Dana 44 30 Spline LSD Carrier

    $150 + s/h $75 + s/h Dana Spicer Trac-lok 3.73 and down gears limited slip differential. Improve off-road traction and maintain street ability.
  13. PevetS

    WTB: Dana 44 Differential OR Spider gears

    Looking to purchase a differential as a whole or even just a decent set of spider gears. My ring & pinion and carrier are fine but my spider gears are shot.
  14. Squatch

    SOLD Two Dana 44's For Sale (Everett, Washington)

    I've got two Dana 44 rear axles that I'm looking to sell, and I want to give forum members first shot before I list them on Craigslist. Here's what I have: Dana 44 removed from a 2005 LJ that had only 45,000 miles on it before the owner converted it to a rock crawler with D60s. The axle has...
  15. J

    Swapping a TJ Dana 35 with a JK Dana 44?

    I was driving today and for whatever reason, the Driver's side UCA Bracket on my Dana 35 came off. This has the track bar on it and I need to figure something out. I'm saving for a full Genright stretch, Dana 70's with links, coilovers, the works... BUT I need to figure this crap out in the meantime...
  16. T

    Currie iron differential cover

    Anyone have any experience with the Currie Rockjock 44 series iron differential covers? Clearance isn’t supposed to be an issue with them and I like the look of the red texture. The Currie name is usally solid all around for about everything they make but don’t see much information on these...
  17. Chris

    How to identify axles on a Jeep Wrangler TJ (and what the difference is with each axle)

    I'm surprised an article like this didn't already exist on the site, especially given the number of people who ask how to identify which axles they have on their Jeep Wrangler TJ. The goal here is to give future TJ owners and new TJ owners a guide on how to identify which axles they have under...
  18. 4speedhandler

    Narrowing diff vs having it narrowed?

    anybody have thoughts on narrowing a front differential yourself versus paying a shop to do it? anybody do this themselves? anybody pay someone? what are your thoughts and experiences? im not staying stock width so if anyone has concerns with stock width dont worry. my current thought is to take...
  19. J

    Dana 44 swap: will drum brakes from Dana 35 work?

    Looking at a used Dana 44 to swap into my 1998 TJ. The 44 is from a 2004 and was equipped with disc brakes. However it doesn't look like any of the brake parts come with the axle. My question is will the drum brakes from my current Dana 35C fit on the disc brake 44. I have found info that...
  20. A

    Ford 8.8 Axle Swap

    The factory Dana 35 rear axle found in most TJ Wranglers is a little on the light side, and if you run larger-than-stock tires, you’re likely looking at an eventual failure. If you want to turn really big tires, wheel abusively, or push gobs of power into your rear axle, you’ll probably want to...