1. RockyWrangler

    Alabama TJ Complete Partout(s)

    Hope all is well with everyone, I have a few TJ's I'm parting out. I will list them as I get free time from my newborn. I want to be as transparent as possible so I will also list the price list of each part. Please note: The prices do not reflect shipping. Thank you...
  2. 3jeep-mike

    Illinois 1997 TJ restored in August 2022 and wrecked in September 2022

    I have a 97 wrangler that was a restoration project started in May 2022 and finished in August 2022. Hit and totaled by a clueless Karen in September 2022. New parts: Front Fenders, new 5spd trans, new transfer case, new water pump, radiator, machined head with valve job, new engine gaskets...
  3. Cheetokps

    Connecticut FREE Tan carpets, used soft top, random parts

    Tan carpets out of a 2002 Jeep Wrangler (long console). In pretty good shape, but still worn in. Just replaced with newer, thicker carpeting: Free Tan sierra off-road soft top (NO FRAME, NO WINDOWS)- rear window has a rip, the rest of the top is in good shape: Free Brand new RS5000x shock...
  4. Nickxm92

    Fuel Pump issue

    Hey all, just got done doing some trouble shooting for a code i was getting. Tested my fuel pressure and it drops slowly to 0 after pressurizing. Holds steady at 43 PSI while idling but that is still too low. Long story short, looking for a direct link or parts number for the Bosch OE fuel...
  5. imactj2004

    Passenger sun visor replacement: wrong fit? or wrong part?

    Ive ordered this twice now and they dont fit each time — post is too long to fit in the framing receptacle. Wondering if anyone else has had similar problems.
  6. ThePaleGinger

    Nevada Head Gasket Set Boots Kit

    I have a head gaskets kit in packaging that I had planned on using, but ended up just getting a new engine :). It’s been indoors in my garage but hoping someone can get good use of it. I paid $65 plus shipping. But $40 (plus shipping) and it’s yours. If not on eBay it goes :) I think it’s this...
  7. T

    Kentucky 2003 Rubicon parts

    I am selling a bunch of parts off of my 2003 Jeep rubicon which includes the hood (some dings but fixable), front grill (no dings),rocker guards, battery tray brackets-2, locker pump bracket, tail lights, license plate mount, front fender flairs with all the lights ( one has a crease could be...
  8. KennedyLJ

    Help me spend my money

    Hello. This is my first Jeep but this is also the first time I plan on modding a vehicle. I’m trying to get a list on everything I’ll need and just want to double check with the fine intelligent folk here. I want to overhaul all the suspension. I’m looking at getting this here...
  9. Schmidty15

    06 Rubicon stock parts

    Hello, I recently did a metalcloak lift to the TJ so I have all the stock components from an 06 Rubi. I've taken off everything is in pretty good shape the sway bar boots are torn but bearings are frim still shocks arnt blown out or anything. Let me know if you need anything. Price is what you...
  10. Kyle_W

    MML, BL, Tow Hooks, "The Cure!"

    All of these came off my Jeep or were for my Jeep - just don't need them anymore. $30 ($135 brand new) - JKS 1.25" body lift (one of the radiator jounce bumpers was damaged by our dog, however, it looks like it'll still fit into the radiator bumper hole) $20 - factory front tow hooks, with...
  11. 11th_Hour_LJ

    SOLD 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon Parting Out

    ***UPDATE ON INVENTORY OF PARTS LEFT*** Items still available! I will add more pictures to this post of what is left, let me know if there is something not listed that I may still have. *** Parting Out a 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon. The Jeep was T-Boned this past winter and has some good...
  12. C

    1999 Wrangler Sport Brake Line/Drum Replacement

    The front break lines recently blew out on my 1999 Sport so I was going through and replacing all the steel lines. I have all of the new lines attached to the master cylinder and have the front lines attached to the brakes, but am having issues detaching the old rear lines from the brakes...
  13. Zayasx_3

    Wanted Jeep Wrangler Tj Hardtop

    Looking for a Jeep TJ Wangler 98-06 Hardtop preferred in black, no cracks. Or if anyone knows of places or good websites to check them out would be very helpful.
  14. N

    Support bar bolt size?

    Hey everybody, so recently when I was trying to replace my headlight I was taking off the support bars that are attached to the grill and one of the bolts snapped, I can't find what the spec is on what the bolt is, if anybody know what type or size I need to get any help would be appriciated!!
  15. 4speedhandler

    Dana 44 & 50

    hey guys i have a couple spare axles laying around and thought someone else may be able to use them. i just want to get rid of them now so i'll let them go for $120 a piece preferably to a local buyer (Bozeman MT) so i dont need to deal with shipping but if you're willing to pay shipping i can...