1. R

    3 1/4 lift with 32s and stock rims

    Would my tires rub with the stock rims(rims are painted) on 32’s if I add a 3 1/4 life (springs and shocks), body lifts are kinda out of the picture it’s got an automatic transmission and is my daily driver with the six cylinder, Dana 44 rear and 3.73 gearing.
  2. Adrian_A

    Swayaway Racerunner shocks

    Hey guys, I took these coilovers off my TJ from a previous owner. they have 350/300 springs on them (I know super heavy!). I cleaned them up as best I could and im looking to sell them but I can't find much info on them and how I should price them. they are pretty beat up externally as you can...
  3. jsredlineracer

    WTB: 4 springs and shocks

    If anyone has some 4” shocks and springs and are willing to part with either for free or cheap please let me know I will take care of shipping through FedEx. I need at least the springs because I’m fixing up the Jeep for my daughter and it’s currently on a 6” lift which actually has 7” lift...
  4. Logan_H

    Stuck shock bolt

    Hey everyone, I have a 05 rubicon, I’m replacing the shocks but I have a completely rounded bolt on the bottom front shock I tried hammering a 12mm socket onto it with no luck what’s the next best solution. I’m not worried about preserving hardware or bolts. The bolt that is rounded is the...
  5. Sarahanne1984

    Is this mystery activity a problem? Jumping with shifting

    I don’t know what to call this but I’m wondering if it’s normal, a problem, or a serious problem.. The Thing: when I’ve got my foot on the brake, release parking brake, start it, give it a few minutes, and shift to reverse it does a hissing clunk and the height level of the Jeep rises, then...
  6. Whiskey

    King coilover reassembly

    I removed my reservoir off of my 2.5 king coil overs to mock up some things and i lost hydraulic fluid. Can i simply add some more king hydraulic fluid in the shock at full droop and reservoir and reassemble? or do i need to have the shocks disassembled and bled? appreciate any input.
  7. E

    Question about shocks and installing lift kit

    I recently bought a 4in Currie lift and I want to buy some Rancho rs5000x shocks to pair with it but I wasn't sure what size to get. I was reading up on forums and learned you should cycle your suspension to find the exact shock length you need. So I was wondering, should I install the lift...
  8. R

    Newbie Needs Suspension Input

    Hello: I just bought a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport, Automatic and the I6. I need some advice on suspension replacement. I will try to be brief... The Jeep has after market front and rear bumpers that are heavy, including a winch on the front end. The rear bumper, per a shop tech, weighs about...
  9. 2006_LJ

    New York KYB MonoMax Shocks - 2006 LJ (stock, no lift) - with less than 300 miles

    For sale are my nearly brand new KYB MonoMax Shocks off of my 2006 LJ - never been off roaded, let alone really driven, less than 300 miles on them. Had surgery so haven't driven a car in over 5 months. They are a little too stiff for my taste, just ordered a set of ranchos (had back surgery...
  10. Nomaybes

    SOLD SoCal - 6" lift springs & Rancho 9000 shocks

    I reduced the lift of my TJ - these are parts that came off and happy to share for free to a fellow TJ owner: 6" lift springs - 99% sure they are Rubicon Express F/R Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks Both are plenty old but seem to work without issue. Can't beat the price. I also have: Drop...
  11. andrew girgis

    Lift kit for 33’ muddies?

    Hey guys! recently purchased a 2005 TJ, the seller sold it to me with 33’ muddies, thinking of getting a lift kit to fit in the 33’s. What purchases should i make for the lift and how many inches should the lift be for a comfortable drive? any recommendations are appreciated
  12. DougB

    SOLD 2006 LJ springs and shocks

    Selling used take off parts from my 2006 LJ Stock 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ springs front and rear - $30 Gabriel Ultra front shocks for stock height - $20 Monroe Sensatrac rear shocks for stock height -$20 Shocks are gas charged and still extend themselves when compressed. Prices listed for...
  13. InOmaha

    SOLD Rancho 5000x RS55239 front shocks

    I bought this set from a member here when everything needed for my lift showed up except for these two shocks. The new shocks showed up shortly after. So these have the 1000 or so miles he put on them and no extra from me. I touched up the paint right away so there's no rust and have them in...
  14. ajclinton

    Improving my ride quality on my 2006 TJ

    Hey all, had my jeep for almost two years now and I’m looking for feedback on improving my ride quality off road. I know the short wheel base is a big factor but it would be nice to be able to go out and keep up with my buddies in their trucks. here’s my current suspension setup: 3.5 in RE...
  15. SealsOnWheels

    Bumpy ride (do I need new shocks?)

    Newbie here! This is My first Wrangler (bought Her off craigslist a few months ago). She is a 2002 2DR Tj, 4.0 I6 manual, I think a 2in lift with 32" tires. Great condition mechanically (my mechanic said she drives great and the engine is fantastic for her age). I have taken her off road a few...
  16. Roel Salazar

    Need opinions on lifts

    Im searching for a 2.5" suspension kit, I have seen the 4 shocks and 4 springs from Rough Country but I need opinions. Usually drive my TJ on unpaved roads and offroading, is there another brand you recommend for a softer ride? Also mid budget.
  17. mvanbens

    Why would the previous owner have Skyjacker H7051S rear shocks installed?

    So I recently purchased a 2000 TJ. This is my first Jeep and so far really enjoying the new ride. I recently took it off-road in the UP of MI, this is actually why I bought it. I was the only Jeep in the group, lots of side-by-sides and quads. I was able to keep pace without issue but did run...
  18. H

    SOLD TJ Zone 3” lift with Bilsteins

    Selling new 3” Zone lift with Bilstein 5100 3” lift shocks and RC adjustable front track bar. Fits 97-06. Located near Pittsburgh, PA I bought the lift, sold the included shocks and bought the 5100s because IMO they are impossible to beat for the money. I paid a little over 1000, Asking 600...
  19. Will’s TJ

    Educate me on shocks

    Currently I have a 2” OME lift, and if I wanted to get 3” springs, the shocks would over extend, right? I also have a 1.25” body lift so I don’t want to go any higher with that. If I can’t use the OME shocks with taller springs, what’s a good combo of springs and shocks for a 3 or 3.5” lift?
  20. A

    SOLD Fox 2.0 Smooth Body Shocks for Jeep JK

    Up for sale is a pair of rear Fox 2.0 Shocks that have never been installed. They were tuned by BDS and are valved for a Jeep JK. Extended length is 25.95" and there is 10.53" of travel making the compressed length 15.42". The reason I am selling unused shocks is because I was lied to by a...