1. J

    Turbocharger Torn

    Hi! Unfortunately, the weld seam after the turbocharger is torn. I drive a 2013 JK Sahara 2.8L Has anyone had this problem? How much would it cost to repair it? Thanks in advance!!
  2. TurboTJ4.0

    Jeep TJ 4.0 turbo tuning and build (basemap for GM 2 bar map sensor)

    Just wanted to start a thread for poeple to tag along with me and also share info on how to turbo a 4.0 as i found its very difficult to find needed and accurate info especially when it comes to tuning using HP Tuners. To start off my Jeep is a 2002 TJ sport 4.0 5 speed manual 4" lift and 33s...
  3. thebestskibum

    Utah Banks Turbo Kit For Sale

    This in off of my 2004 TJ. The turbo likely needs to be rebuilt and some additional parts will need to be purchased (oil pan bung, exhaust sleeve, ect). This includes: 1. Original turbo kit with pipe (no intercooler), boost pipe not pictured. 2. Intercooler add on kit. 3. Banks single shot...
  4. Ludogsonthemoon

    Anyone familiar this turbo?

    I'm looking for a turbocharger for my '98 Sahara. The only kit I can find for a pre1999 TJ is this one from mmispeedshop.com. Does anyone out there have any experience with this kit? Is it any good? 1997-1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L I6 4LTurbocharger Kit Stage 2 New Custom Turbo
  5. 4.0 01 TJ

    4.0 build help

    Looking to build the piss out of a 2001 4.0 for my TJ. 4.6 stroker kit planned, and turbo. What is available for tuning? I just rebuilt an engine for it but the block was too far gone (scored cylinders) so I am getting a junkyard one (2000 year) and going to bore and stroke it for sure. 0331...
  6. Chuckye

    Ecu remap for turbo Tj 4lt

    Hi I bolted on a turbo kit to my 4lt 2004 tj wrangler and want to know if I can get a generic remap program for factory ecu? I bought syked program for my dyno tuner and he said can’t connect? He wants me to wire in a new ecu and injectors ect. costing 5k. I’m located in Brisbane Australia and...
  7. T

    Jeep TJ turbo kit

    I was browsing the Jeep parts on facebook and stumbled across a turbo kit https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/492351671437786/
  8. B

    Banks Turbo Kit Discontinued

    Gales Banks Power has discontinued the Sidewinder turbo kit. Bank's states they will continue to offer tech and parts support. Source inside Banks states that the pre-2005 installations were having trouble passing smog tests and could require new programing and/or equipment along with CARB...
  9. R

    Bye Bye Banks

    Just got off the phone with Banks turbo in California. They have discontinued making products for the TJ. They also said that they have no plans to continue to make replacement parts. Glad I called and didn't just order the kit from a retailer. Guess it's back to looking at Stroker engines.
  10. C

    JTEC ECU Extension Harness

    I have a patch harness for the 1996 to 2004 JTEC ecu years. This will allow you to wire in an AEM FIC without cutting up your stock harness. If you plan on turbocharging or supercharging your TJ this piece is a great addition for a clean and professional look.
  11. Yoshisaur

    PT Cruiser turbo swap???

    so i have a 2003 tj with a 4cyl i did a little research and i have the same engine as a pt cruiser.. my question is will the turbo on a pt cruiser be a direct fit and would it work?
  12. Chris

    Boosted Technologies Eaton M90 Supercharger Kit

    There's a new (well kind of new) company out there that sells Eaton M90 supercharger kits for our Wrangler TJs. A lot of people may have heard of Cobra Marty or jeepsuperchargers.net Those guys have been around for a long time on the forums selling Eaton M62 kits. Well, the entire time they...