Need to trim the tailpipe.

Ordered these a month or so ago and they finally dropped. I’m redoing the front bumper and the light has to go. I use the amber feature more and like the look of the amber lens. I’ll let you know if they are a pos.
Bracket 3/16” aluminum. I’m also curious if the bracket will vibrate on ruff roads. If so that little tab will be added.
Wired up the lights. I like the amount of light the throw. The jK head lights have a cut off line On low beam, when switched to high beam the high part throws light far out focused on the road. These floods add a lot of useable light and will be used often.
Amber floods. Picture doesn’t do it justice. They throw a decent amount of light off to the sides not shown in picture.
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started working on front bumper. Idea is to have a recessed looking winch tray. Don’t want it to look too bulky, also don’t want the super minim look either. Needs to cover the body lift and swaybar.

got it painted and installed. I need to add some holes to the bottom flange to access the front winch bolts on the next one. Covers well with the body lift and the facto sway bar, will work with the anti rock as well.

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As stated in the first-ish post I know my steering geo could be better. The bump steer was not bad but could improve so why not. My drag link was about 3” longer then my track bar. The next time I will cut off the factory track bar mount, make a frame side bracket and track bar.

just made a few .25” tabs and welded them to the tie rod. All my links are straight so there is no “roll” to any links, I have low mis alignment spacers on the tie rod and tie rod side of the drag link.

Works better, less bump steer is a good thing! I do NOT recommend this style steering on a tj front axle.