Hard top hoist options


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Nov 21, 2018
San Antonio, TX
Thought I had a pic of mine when I had it in the garage last. I used a couple hooks from Home Depot that are screwed directly into the ceiling joists and some ratchet straps to hold it up. My ceiling is too low to hang it sadly but I have a small alcove the water heater sits in that just barely gives enough room for the hard top to sit in (2" on either side). There it would sit, rear window facing the ceiling and top facing the wall so I could store things beneath it. Only thing I would do differently is figure an alternative way to keep the glass closed since it wanted to pop up. I had duct tape on it but that left too much residue after baking in the heat that took some Goo-B-Gone, elbow grease and a razor to remove.

I couldn't get anyone to help me that day I last put it away and being stubborn and impatient as I can sometimes be I got it off the Jeep, to the back of the garage, flipped it and hoisted it myself without damaging it. I might wait for help next time but it's hard to keep it on after having it on there for months when the first warm, sunny day comes along.