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Lets see some before and after shots!


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Jul 30, 2018
Great thread . Starrs was the definition of clean , Mike H ,yours is a head turner , all of these look fantastic. It just hit me I need to start using my wife’s I phone for pics on here.
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TJ Addict
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May 23, 2018
Morrison, CO
Day I picked it up

And as of 5 min ago

Shes a bit more rough around the edges. When I bought it, it was owned by an older gentleman who put on the 35s and the superlift 4" lift just for looks. Not a scratch or an ounce of rust anywhere. Now, 5 years later, its at 5.25" lift and done properly. The entire suspension and driveline has been reworked and a few other bits and pieces.