Arizona List of Arizona members who like to go off-roading

Any recommendations on Arizona wheeling trip trails that are long enough where overnight camping is needed to get through the trail? Looking for some ideas from the AZ crowd. Thanks
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I don’t know Are my drive shafts the new tie rod for me?!!

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Hey @Jamison C don't get caught up in the flooding around you.

Man it is absolute insanity up here. I have never seen so much water flowing in all of these creeks and washes. They’ve issued a lot of closures and evacuations since last night.

Luckily my commute/work/home isn’t anywhere close to any sources of water so all good here.
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The purpose of this thread is to list the name of every member on the forum in Arizona who regularly attends wheeling trips we plan. From now on, if you want to plan a wheeling trip and tag everyone local in Arizona who might want to come, you can just copy and paste the names below into your new thread.

If anyone has been left out and would like their name added to the list, please let me know and I'll update this thread with the names.

@Blackiosh @RINC @Farmergreg @Boinked @Chris @starkey480 @nk24 @Jamison C @ac_ @Gblabla @1945GPW @kmas0n @Rooscooter @JnJ_Adventures @PurpleTJAZ @5632 @Pressurized @Wakeangel @Dale W @ToddL @DaveC @Smitty61416 @R3ID05TJ @minimull @Nguzzo @il buono @Arizona Jim @CDMR480 @Echos67

New to jeeping but would like to join the fun... Would you please add me?
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Winkleman,AZ Trail Ride
When: Sat 4/15
Dep.Time: 0900
Meetup: speedway ⛽
Stock to mild build friendly
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Anyone know a mobile welder who doesn't mind tight spaces? I need my rockjock front axle housing johnny joint kit passenger side welded on my LJ. I'm happy to pay for quality work. I'm in East Mesa just outside Eastmark and my jeep is in an air conditioned shop in my backyard. I could put the old death wobble inducing bushing back on and limp to a shop, but if I could get someone to come to me, that'd be awesome. Lemme know, thx.