Arizona List of Arizona members who like to go off-roading

Should not have been too bad. Ya'll run full doors and hardtops. 🤪

I do have doors and a hard top , but I really don't like doing a trail with the windows up and a/c running. Kind of negates the reason for going out to a trail.
It was a friendly group. Very laid back and a little disorganized but we had a good time. A group of them went up to Crown King and down the back way. They are doing BWKC this weekend but it is a very large group and they are not leaving until 8:00 or 9:00 and are planning on being on the trail ALL day. Going to be a little hot this weekend. I may go up but I will hit the dirt by 5:00am and probably home by 1:00pm.
@Chris, can you add me to the wheeling list. I would consider leading runs in the South East area of Arizona. I know the Santa Rita OHV park fairly well and the East side of Hwy 83 in and around the Empire Ranch area.
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We need an AZ Proud Flag to the USA Proud Flag or, do you hate us in AZ ?!!

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I’m sorta new to the forum and would love to join you guys some time. Definitely need to get my TJ out and off-road more than I have!

@Chris Could you add me to the list please?

Heck Yeah! We mostly do stuff in the winter due to the heat. Mostly saturday and sundays. Weekdays also when our midwest snowbird farmhand friend is in town.
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