Arizona List of Arizona members who like to go off-roading

Hows everyone holding up over here? Heading back to PA next week & renting a Harley V-Rod & visiting family & friends. Just been hanging in the AC & getting in the pool is about it!!
This has been a consistently hot run of about 3 weeks. I've been going out shooting in the very early morning 5am and doing some yard work etc. until about noon or so.... then pool.... then AC.... rinse and repeat until about 11pm.
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Or go full send/ full @RINC and just move it with your tie rod 🤷‍♂️

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If we get some cool weather in the next week or so maybe. Late September i have to be in Texas and two weeks in October I'm in Europe.
Little purple TJ is ready to go though.....
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There were a couple of folks interested in Mt. Lemmon just North of Tucson, I know one of them was @DavidBT from Sierra Vista. We should talk about that soon now that September is here. Thinking about the back road that runs from the Summerhaven area (right by the fire station) down through Peppersauce Canyon and into Oracle. We could start from Oracle and go up, have lunch in Summerhaven then come back down on the paved highway.
Another trip is Reddington Pass and Seven Falls but would be best to wait a bit after the rains have settled down for that one, it can flood there in an instant.
@Chris can you add me to the list in your initial post?