Need trailer purchase advise

I made the purchase this morning. When I went out there, they didn't have the 10,000# trailer in stock. It was marked wrong in their records. I ended up getting the 20' 14,000# manual tilt. It cost me $700 more to get the larger trailer, but I feel like the benefits that I got made it worth it. This trailer automatically comes with 16" wheels and 10ply tires, plus of course the added weight capacity. Now I can haul just about anything on it. It took virtually no time at all to load and strap down. I am quite pleased with the purchase so far.

My only gripe, is the room between the fenders isn't great. If I wanted to go with a wider wheel base, it wouldn't all for more than 4 1/2" additional width. You guys know better than me, but that might be plenty. IDK. Of course, there are ways around this, and I'm not actually concerned about it.

Cost was $7,093 pre tax.

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Awesome. Looks great.
As far as the fenders go if you were to increase your width you'd have to build some drive over fenders. Not hard to do when needed.
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