Stretched LJ on 40s

The JK instructions they have on they're site are dang near the same the as the TJ/LJ process. Hopefully that helps. I've got several friends running them already, and I have to say they're worth the coin. I've been really impressed to the abuse they've put up with, even for sliders.

Never thought to look there. That does help as was having hard time trying to visualize how three pieces would go together.
Soooo. I've blown past the original date I was hoping to get done by, and next weekend (Nov 10-12th) was the back up date for the wheeling trip I was hoping to have this done by. I'll be blowing past that as well. I'm still happy with the progress I'm making though, fitting this in around family time and work just isn't great.

Hopefully I can get more done this week.

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Sorry to hear work not great. At the end of the day you have to put family first, as an old boy now there is litttle I regret more about my younger years than putting other things ahead of time with family. The Jeep will still be great fun whether it takes a few weeks (or even months) longer to get ready than you would initially have hoped. The Jeep is looking great already and I am enjoying following your thread from here in the UK.
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