TJ Fest 2021 - Moab (April 24 – May 1, 2021)

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If so, could you supply such a file in advance so that we would not all be vying for your limited time to get our units programmed at TJ Fest?
Programming per radio is about 1 minute each. I also program your name in the power up dialog so if your radio gets mixed in with someone else, a quick power up will show your name on the welcome screen.

If you have the RT Systems software I'll share the file with you. Either way is no problem.
Ok its official, I just registered, sadly I have an in person first responder class I have to attend on the Thursday, so I will have to leave early... unless I can talk my way out of attending;)
Am now just looking at a place to stay that can park a truck and a flatbed trailer...
Tonight I worked on the radio frequency list for everyone buying one of those $35 Baofeng UV-5R and currently have 117 channels inputted. I will be programming your radios in Moab at no charge. The channels these radios will have are thus...

All 22 FRS Channels
All 30 GMRS Channels including repeaters
All 5 MURS VHF Channels
All 7 National Weather Channels
All KOH frequencies
All 45ish Rugged Radios pre-programmed race frequencies including Baja
3 - Moab ham radio repeaters (but transmit has been disabled unless you have a ham radio license)
Special "TJ FEST" frequency IF Chris wants to use it. (Its GMRS 17 with a DCS code 65. You will only hear TJ Fest people with GMRS radios on this channel...sorry CB and VHF)

I can do special requests on extra frequencies (your race team frequency for example) if you want them.

If you have a radio OTHER than the UV-5R and I have the right cable on hand I'll need to download the software but you are paying for it ($25)! Since you paid for it its yours to keep and all you need to do is buy your own cable when you get home and you can program your own radios. If you already have RT Systems software for your radio I'll give you the programming file in Moab.

I can program the Rugged Radios V2 and V3 radios as well. Rugged has a pink V3 for those who just have to have it.

Any questions thus far?
Dino, when you say KOH frequencies do you mean the frequencies on like PCI or Rugged radios brands?
The KOH frequencies are the specific frequencies that KOH uses for their race. This includes "Ops", "Media", "Town", "Recovery", and "Medical".

These are also programmed in on the radios you buy from Rugged and PCWhy.
For anyone that's interested in programming radios before you head to moab, there's a free and open source option called CHIRP. It's probably not as good as what @Dino Darling recommended above, but so far it's enough for a novice like me to download my current settings as a backup and write my custom settings.
OK, I'm in. I had to lie on the application to get Chris to approve me, but it worked.

Staying downtown, and arriving the afternoon of Sunday the 25th. Looking forward to meeting you guys in person.

Registration? ;)
Yeah, Chris told me just to Venmo the $1000 directly to him. How did you guys pay?

And JJ, can a Tennessee boy hang with the Coloradans?

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