What did you do to your TJ today?

That's what I was thinking.

Possible these are aftermarket gears that came apart?

He bought the jeep with the factory 3.55's, then found this set of 4.10s which we swapped in a little while back. So obviously we know nothing of their history. I'm also confident he didn't inspect the gears before he threw the axles into jeep. I'm confident I mentioned it to him, but I'm doubly more so confident that he didn't do so.

He's my best friend, but XJ owners gonna XJ.
Front =35.5'' Rear=36.5''




Dropped my oil pan to try to solve this knocking sound in my second hand engine. All the piston skirts are in tact and there is no serious play in the rod bearings. The one that I thought was the loosest I pulled the cap off and inspected and cleaned the bearing insert and then put some Red Line assembly lube on it and put it all back together. I put some Mopar 5w 20 in it because my 2.5 seemed to hate the rotella 15w40. I fired it up and no sounds on the first go. A lot better than before so hopefully it will last and keep running until I get my original engine rebuilt.



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