What did you do to your TJ today?

More of what I started this weekend.

Gonna go around 1 corner at a time and get everything all cleaned up again. It’s been 3 years since lift install along with all the components. Everything needs paint and lube. My frame repair is getting close so I’ll get everything lined and ready for quick disassembly/reassembly. Photo of drivers side is what I’m starting with. Keep in mind all this was fresh and new exactly 3 years ago. The only painted part that is still looking good is the Core 4x4 track bar. Their powdercoating is tough as nails.




Drove to pickup my cat from the vet, then went back to working on my third brake light/ license plate project made from a roof rack shipping end cap, molex power connector for a quick disconnect. I'm far from done, just thought I'd share what I've been up to. Haven't posted in a while now. Still need to look around for some material to make the plate bracket with. Til then, I'll keep using cardboard to try out some things.

I'm actually really excited with how it's all coming along! :D






I’ve been acquiring a bunch of stuff I’m gonna need to regear both 97’s this summer. One thing I just got for free is a brand new set of 4,56’s for a Dana 30, but they’re reverse cut.

So…I also found a HP30 out of a 99XJ in a junkyard. The jeep isn’t wrecked so I don’t expect it’s bent or anything. He’s asking $250, not sure if that’s good or if it’s even worth the effort…both going to get it and also installing. Dunno the ratio but I’m assuming I’ll need to regear it regardless.
I’m at work 6-6:30 EST. You are super early

Since I am the only mechanic we have now, because the boss wouldn't listen to me when I told him 2 were gonna quit and he needed to be hiring some folks 4 months ago now. 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬

I get here and at least try to plan out the first half of the day, before it has a chance to go to hades.