What did you do to your TJ today?

the question is always " what did you do to your TJ today?" and never "what did my TJ do to me today?" its a love hate relationship am I right? 😓

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My wife and daughter will both learn on the TJ. In 4 low, you don't need the gas pedal to take off.

I'm hoping the TJ last until the daughter turns 16 to make it her first car.

I taught both of my grandsons to drive my 6 speed TJ. I told them to just ease off the clutch without using the gas pedal until they got the feel of it. This worked fine in 2wd high range with my 33” tires & 4.56 gears.


A coworker of mine bought a Chevy pick-up new in
3 on the tree is kind of fun, probably because you just don't see many anymore. I haven't driven one of those in years!

In 1987 a coworker of mine bought a new Chevy pick-up that had 3 on the tree. I was a bit surprised. He might have special ordered it.
I don't set my alarm unless I have a call before 10am. Whenever I do wake up and decide to actually get up, I consider if I'm going to wear pants, and then walk down the hall to my office.

"Life's been good." - Joe Walsh

I've been working from home since 2008.

I don't miss the commute traffic at all.

Sometimes I run into a bit of traffic at the top of the stairs, but it usually clears up pretty quickly. 🤪

Though I find that working from home I put in more hours than if I went to an office.

Since I'm an early riser, the time that I would have spent morning commuting gets spent in front of my computer :geek: