What did you do to your TJ today?

Got his 35’s on

Gotta replace the fender flares this weekend. I hope all the nutserts behave. I plan on spraying some penetrating oil on them on Friday and then working on them on Saturday. I also plan on replacing the brakes on my Subaru on Saturday. Saturday will be a nice, long day playing in the garage.

Get an 8mm ratcheting wrench if you don’t have one.

Edit..also just pull the wheel well liners,
I just put my flares back on using an OMIX replacement hardware kit. It came with new nutserts and bolts as well as washers, hex flare nut screws and the plastic square “nuts” that the screws go into. My nutserts didn’t behave at all but I just skipped the ones that I could clear the old bolt out of and the flares hang on just fine. It’s nice to use the new hardware, and I’ll be replacing/patching some panels so hope to install new nutserts soon. But they’re not necessary to hold the flares on. There are plenty of screws to do that.
Dang it … tried to take it for a ride and got the dead ignition switch. New battery; everything lights up on ACC; it just doesn’t do anything when I turn the key to start.
So I guess I’ll be doing the ignition actuator and ignition switch repair. Oh well that was on my list anyway.