What did you do to your TJ today?

I lowered my jeep a few days ago.....

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Haha gotcha 😆 I didn't actually lower it...it just sagged a good 1" 1/4 with the plate and winch! And finally i installed my winch after it sitting in my garage for almost an year since i scored a winch plate for 50 bucks brand new on marketplace 😁

But for the meantime I'm in need of a synthetic line cause not only is it safer but lighter! After that I'll look into relocating my winch box since I already Smacked it with a tree branch on the trail 🙃 Plus it doesn't sit right with me either

Shameless Plug: Steel line will be for sale in the Mansfield tx area. So shoot me an offer It's "open box" same with the fairlead !
Edit- Tried to summarize my post so its not a whole book that ya gotta read 😉...
Mansfield... I spent 6 days at Mansfield Methodist Hospital. Nicest hospital experience I've had, highly recommended!
Yeah, I only need 1. So, I'll just wait around and hopefully find one eventually.
Is this what you need? Been a while since I pulled my flares so not sure...

Have your pick..
Any suggestions on a rear bumper with a tow rated integrated 2" receiver. I would prefer if it was affordable as in just trying to get it roadworthy right now but I'm open to advice.
Replaced my battery Friday. It had acted up last weekend so I trickle charged it then but didn't try starting it. I went to go somewhere this Friday and it only clicked when I turned the key. It was at 10.4 volts. It was an Interstate MT-34 and I assume it was replaced before I bought it in 2020, but it was dated Oct 2018.

A Super Start Extreme from O'reilly's ended up being the replacement. Then the original hold down block cracked during the reinstall. I ordered a Dorman replacement right then. It was at my O'Reilly's the next morning. I took the new bolt and washer off, reused the old bolt and added a washer at the block's underside to keep it from flexing so much. All good now.

Also about a week or so ago I'd removed the old window skins from their frames and cleaned the frames up with a wire brush. Today I hit them with some Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer. I'll let those dry and try getting the new skins on tomorrow.
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