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What does your TJ look like right this moment?


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Jul 30, 2018
I did the cool white too...I think it looks great. Factory, but cleaner. The needles are sharper, numbers sharper. The colors are more "true." The colored LED's are neat for ambiance, but they wash out the color difference the factory put in.
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Man I like that . How bad a job was that?


Rust Belt Heavyweight
Supporting Member
Feb 28, 2017
Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Man I like that . How bad a job was that?
It really wasn't bad. I think 7 screws, and a few clips to pop out. I could probably do it in a half hour now.

I'm actually impressed with Chrysler on their interior engineering. I've taken apart a bunch of different cars, and this is the simplest I've worked on. Doesn't rattle either.