Who has the best TJ?

I like mine. Definitely not the best. But, I enjoy driving it.

This might be the cleanest looking Jeep in the history of the world. I don't mean polished clean.

Very nice

Thank you friend. By the way I see you're from Altoona. I grew up near Keith Athletic Field, went to Bishop Guilfoyle and Penn State after that. My mom still lives there. Both brothers, most of my cousins, nieces, nephews, my last uncle - everyone lives in Altoona.
Same as my 98, it was my first TJ. Kept it stock. I still see it sitting at the kids house whose parents bought it. May have to stop and see if it's for sale.
I bought it from a neighbor when it was stock. It all started with a BB and 31s. The addiction came fast and hard and it was on 35s within a year.:cry: My license plate has been on every Jeep I've owned since then.
warnrearbumper (2017_11_20 00_38_12 UTC).jpg