Who has the best TJ?

Signal Peak near Truckee, CA. In the background is Fordyce Trail.
Exciting driveway shot of mine after my best attempt to wash it using @AndrewLJR method the other day.


@Thunderhead let me know if you need High Resolution Photos. 😘

Other people’s Jeeps I really like on the forum.

@DrDmoney for his aluminum addiction

@toximus This one is obvious

@Alex01 Because I have spent too much time much time working on that Jeep not to love it.

@Nickgsjeep because retro cool

@ImpactOrange because Impact Orange

and a bunch of others I am sure I am forgetting. Those are just the ones the come immediately to mind.

Also have a special place in my heart forTJ’s with matching trailers like @bobthetj03 and @lowranger

@Mr. Bills Jeep when combined with his OCD levels of organization is also just great.
Here's mine on a good day back in April. It was a little too cold to take the doors and windows off.

That is one awesome tail light. It looks like a modern version of so many jet engine inspired tail lights from the late 50s early 60s.

This is my Jeep. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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Nice picture. While I've known for a while that umbrellas helped stop the sun in addition to rain, I never realized sunshades did the opposite too.