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    Wrangler EV will go 0-60 in 6 seconds

    Hmm, good point.
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    Wrangler EV will go 0-60 in 6 seconds

    Slightly better aerodynamics though. 😜
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    Wrangler EV will go 0-60 in 6 seconds

    Impressive acceleration, but I'm still waiting to see if there will be a 2-door option.
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    I found the nest!

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    You've Just Got to Look (Enjoy)

    Ha, that's actually pretty awesome.
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    Let's see your TJ in your garage

    Technically in the garage after I took the pup for a ride.
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    Horn occasionally blows when turning

    Well, if you're taking the corners to fast, you may just be frightening your poor TJ and it's just letting out a bit off a yelp! (Seriously though, almost guarantee it's your clock spring)
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    The good news thread

    People in Duluth, MN being awesome. Apparently a distillery up there converted to making hand sanitizer and is giving it away for free.
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    The good news thread

    Now that I'm working from home, I get to have this guy by my side throughout the day:
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    Just felt my first earthquake

    Hoping everything is safe for you and those around you. Never felt an earthquake myself, but I imagine it to be a pretty surreal experience.
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    Ever read something from someone on here that you know isn't an idiot?

    The first time I tried speech to text, I was about to text my boss at the time something about how we had "a bit of a queue". Apparently, the speech to text took that as "a bit fuck you". Fortunately, I was able to correct it before sending. :p
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    Wrangler TJ No More. Advice Needed

    I doubt it would hurt to try and sell as-is if you're not in a hurry. There may be some craigslist postings for Jeeps in similar condition if you dig around the web for a while. Otherwise, parting it out is always an option. If your frame is in good condition, it will make a big difference...
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    2021 Ford Bronco has officially leaked

    Kind of a small thing, but I really miss the Bronco logo with the bucking horse. I get that just having the word "bronco" on the grill is more modern and all, but hopefully they'll bring it back somewhere, at least on a special edition or something.
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    How-to add Bluetooth to your OEM radio

    Interesting! Keep us updated with what you end up going with.