1. Pullski

    WTB: CA: Stock Cat & Precats

    Hey y’all. I’m back at this place again. My $200 used catalytic converters have run their course. I’m losing the precat in bank 1. If anyone has a used one from a part out (particularly in CA) from a 2006 or similar TJ/LJ...I would be interested. I am really trying to avoid paying 900+ for a new...
  2. Pullski

    California 49 State Legal Catalytic Converter

    I have for sale a 49 state legal catalytic converter made by Eastern. It was on my Jeep when I bought it, but wouldn’t pass emissions in CA. It did pass emissions in TX fwiw. The cat itself is in good shape, but the piping downstream is rough. Make an offer!
  3. Mitch8801

    2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ with glowing red cats

    Hey Guys, So recently I was on my way home and at a stoplight had a misfire in cylinder 2, and my exhaust sounded funny and fluttery, I was like 8 minutes away so I decided to drive it home and coast down hill. Long story short, I replaced the spark plugs, still had issues. I checked my coil...
  4. TJustin

    SOLD Magnaflow Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust

    For sale is a cat-back exhaust from a 2000 Wrangler TJ with a 4.0L. The complete system is made of stainless steel. The muffler is made by Magnaflow. It has a very throaty aggressive sound. I am building a 4-Link and this exhaust is not compatible with my new suspension. Get this one for a...
  5. C

    TJ 4.0 cat / muffler delete

    Hey, so I have '99 TJ 4.0 and I'm considering doing a muffler or cat delete, not choosing a straight pipe since I had that on my 93 YJ 2.5 that and my neighbor complained about his windows shaking every time I started it up haha. Does anyone have any videos of their TJ 4.0 with a cat or muffler...
  6. Wade Durbin

    Thrust muffler install

    Hi all, looking to replace some parts on my stock exhaust on my 04 rubicon. People on here seem to like the thrust muffler. My question is, will this particular muffler( part number 17651) slide right into the 2.25" tailpipe and clamp on or need some other modifications? Also plan on removing...
  7. J

    Catalytic converter code P0432

    Hey all, So my '01 TJ is throwing a P0432 code. Upon easy research, it's that the "main catalyst efficiency below threshold." I haven't noticed any drop in performance and the vehicle is pretty new to me so I don't know if it's affecting the mileage. I've gotten a quote for around 1,000$ for...
  8. ARJEEP2006

    What's the difference between a CARB vs. NON CARB compliant cat system?

    What's the difference between a CARB vs. NON CARB compliant catalytic converter system? I have an 06 X with 4.0. I'm considering replacing my cat system with Magaflow system. There are two offerings, part number 93649(non-carb compliant) and 458027 (carb compliant). Does the jeep ECM know if...