control arms

  1. XCRN

    Ohio TJ Parts

    I have a bunch of random TJ parts I am selling. Willing to ship most of the small stuff. Willing to cut deals on multiple items. Stock control arm set, $100 OBO. Bushings are Moog and about 2 years old. Sway bar with bushing and links, $50 OBO. Links and bushings are Moog, about 2 years...
  2. bluescapegoat

    SOLD Savvy short arms - need a lot of TLC - Best Offer

    These are a set of eight of the double adjustable arms without wrench flats. They have grooves on the inside of the ball that leads me to believe they are drilled to work with the grease-able bolts but I can't confirm without disassembling and I don't care to do that. These arms were on my Jeep...
  3. JMT

    FREE MetalCloak Duroflex Joints

    Sport these for more flex. Improve your ride quality. Take to your local Jeep club and pass them around. Give one to someone you don’t like. Throw them in the garbage. Give up ducking people and start MC’ing them. It’s twice as offensive. The possibilities are endless. 😁 FREE + Shipping
  4. Don Bulee

    Lets discuss new Core 4x4 Series packages

    Hello, did you already see that Core 4x4 changed their Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 series to a new concept? pretty much they eliminate the Tier 2 and now is like: Tier 1 -> Cruise series (Built With 1.625″ OD 3/16″ Wall tubing) Tier 2 -> eliminated Tier 3 -> Camp series (Built With 1.75″ OD 5/16″ Wall...
  5. Don Bulee

    Heim vs Johnny Joint

    Hello, big question for you my wise masters!!! there is a shop near where I live that manufacture a lot of jeep stuff... they offer control arms which I'm looking to replace, since my skyjackers poly bushings wear extremely fast... so they offer two kind of tiers, the bushing-bushing (which I...
  6. Woodrow

    SOLD FREE control arms

    FREE full set of TJ control arms (fixed lower/adjustable upper) to any forum member who can put them to good use. Either pick up in Oregon or pay shipping to you. Edit: These may be spoken for, pending me getting a shipping quote to an interested member. Rear lowers: stock. Unknown age. Rubber...
  7. A

    SOLD Metalcloak rear control arms

    For your considerations is a set of REAR upper and lower control arms for Jeep TJ. These take the stock bolt size (not the big bolt option). I have had these for a little over 3 years, but did not get a lot of use. I am parting out the rig for a new build. Functionally these are solid, but are...
  8. Liro

    SYE plus rear driveshaft or new rear control arms?

    Hi y'all, first time post here and long time lurker, I purchased a real beat up '97 Jeep from the local takuaches last May and I have been fixing it ever since. I've been looking to eliminate vibrations that happen when getting on the freeway starting at 55mph. I recently removed the rear...
  9. E

    SOLD Metalcloak rear control arms

    Price, Condition, Location $450 shipped used, 2 years old NW Florida Fitment TJ rear upper 7052 and lower 7050 Refreshed with new duroflex joints. They are not beat up, i don't rock crawl. $450 shipped to you, or will meet up around 32514 area I sold plenty of things on other forums, upon...
  10. Jt223

    Control arm question

    Hello all. Im adding a 2" ome suspension lift to my 2002 tj soon. I wasnt planning on doing control arms because of price for now but someone just put up a rough country control arm kit and I need to figure out if it would work with my lift. Its rough country 1071. In the description it says it...
  11. Chillerdude

    SOLD Used fixed length control arms for 4” to 6” lifts (will need new bushings)

    I replaced my fixed control arms with Rough Country adjustable arms on my 1999 TJ, so I have a complete set of fixed short control arms for 4” to 6” Lift for $100. You will need new bushings. I also have couple of Front Upper Control Arm Dana 30 axle bushings for $20.
  12. Flipphone Jeep'n

    Order in which to build

    Jeep's getting new underwear, pants, socks and shoes. I have a set (8) new control arms and springs and shocks. I just finished cleaning painting and doing the wheel assemblies, putting together front end. BUTTTTTT now i'm stuck on the "order" in which to proceed. My question is: should i...
  13. A_Jeepin_Chaos_Seed

    Control Arm Input: Purchase in Near Future

    Good Morning All, FIrst, I value the wealth of knowledge that this forum has provided me prior to finally becoming a member. I have done some searches and read many of your posts in here however Id like to get a solid input of your favorite control arms. At the price of most with Johnny Joints...
  14. CMD Z

    Replacing Rear Stock Control Arms: Tips for a Newbie?

    Looking for tips to replace these components myself on a stock 2005 LJ (53,000 miles). Did some research and it seems pretty straightforward (4 arms, 2 bolts each, mind the e-brake cables). Also looks like you can just do this on the ground. But it appears there's one tricky bit: the axle is...
  15. TreverStevens

    Minimum threading of adjustable rear control arms

    What would you say is the minimum amount of threads I should have from the rear lower control arms when installing a new axle? I was hoping to better center my rear wheels in the wheel wells by pushing the axle back a little, but run out of threads on my adjustable arms before it's perfectly...
  16. WyoJeep

    Do I need an alignment after replacing control arms?

    Been searching the threads, but I'm seeing mixed answers. Is it necessary (must do immediately) to have a front end alignment after replacing upper and lower front control arms?
  17. MunyanDailyJeeper

    Death wobble and steering

    I am looking to compile a list of all the parts that make up the front end of a jeep. All the joints in the steering components on my Jeep are obviously in bad condition. I would like to replace them myself but this is my daily driver and I work all day leaving next to no light to work with...
  18. RiJeeper

    Jeep tj, front axle shifted to drivers side when replacing control arms!?

    Hi everyone I had a question, I am replacing my lower front control arms with adjustable control arms right now, and when I took the first controle arm out my axle shifted far to the the drivers side, I put the adjustable control arm in and did the other side, and when I took the controle arm...
  19. Jon Wildes

    Currie Control Arms: WOW!

    All i can say it is an unbelievable feeling to drive a jeep and it drive how its supposed to. The Currie arms and Currie Correctlync Steering are amazing. Im more than happy with it. well worth the $$$ cause lets be honest it aint cheap. Antirock will be coming soon but a little ways down the...
  20. mgroeger

    Suspension and caster question

    Background: 2004 LJ, The lift is a 2” DPG Offroad TJ Super Ultimate Lift, contains the following: -JKS Control J-Flex Adjustable Control Arms (All) -Old Man Emu Springs -Old Man Emu Shocks -Old Man Emu Steering Stabilizer -JKS Quick Sway Bar Disconnects -JKS Front and Rear Adjustable track Bars...