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  1. T

    Ticking sound coming from 2004 LJ

    Just recently i noticed a ticking sound, it only comes up when my front end is flexing though. i can’t find anything on it, just wondering if other people have had similar problems. its a pretty aggressive and loud tick too. sometimes a knock. again, only come up when front is flexing.
  2. Duner

    Drive Line Vibrations

    Hey all, I’ve been dealing with some drive line vibrations and I could use some help diagnosing it. I did read through the guide Is your Jeep wrangler TJ experiencing vibrations It’s an 06 LJ with a 2.5 inch lift. When bought the skid plate was already dropped an inch. The first issue I found...
  3. shumthisway

    First LJ

    Hey ya'll just picked up my first LJ yesterday and I'm super pumped! Haven't owned a Jeep since I was in High School (95 YJ) and I've missed it. It does have a couple issues that I'm currently fixing to include: a little play in the steering wheel, check engine light for O2 sensor and the...
  4. OriginalGOB

    2005 Wrangler LJ Rough Idle No Power

    I have a 2005 Wrangler LJ with the 4.0. I have been getting a CEL for P0300, P0303, P0304 and P0431 randomly. Each time I reset the codes they randomly come back. I wasn't really worried because it was running fine. It started to have a slightly irregular idle so I replaced the spark plugs with...
  5. Robmacdaddy

    2006 jeep unlimited "lJ" driveline vibration while underload.

    hi, ive had an issue come up with driveline vibration when accelerating. i have a 06 lj with a 3.5 inch lift. its been lifted for 5 years and i have not had any vibration problems. last week it started.. ive moved and twisted the drive shaft and dont seem to have much play or noise. i will be...
  6. 2006_LJ

    Does this 2006 TJ lower steering shaft look right?

    Is this gap suppose to be there on my lower intermediate steering shaft? trying to solve for a steering wheel play and noticed this beauty. It's right before where the shaft meets the steering box (Mercedes box I believe) If you are interested in see the play that I speak of, here it is...
  7. E

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ / TJ Unlimited Wrangler

    2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 187,546mi I’m selling my 2006 LJ. Everything works, runs and drives well. There’s a dent in the rear quarter panel where it was hit in a parking lot (visible in photos). Jeep has a procomp lift and 35in BFG K02’s that still have some life in them. Here’s a quick...
  8. connorwfrench

    What axle is this?

    Hello! I’m looking for a Dana 44 front axle, this guy on FB Marketplace says he has a Dana 30 with the factory 4.10 gears from a 2004 sport, but they didn’t come with those gears, I’ve attached pictures. Could someone tell my by the picture if this is a Dana 30 or 44? If it’s a 44 then is it in good...
  9. K

    California 2005 Jeep LJ

    Time to sell my 2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited. Lots of upgrades!! About 99,000 miles on the engine....Just a baby in Jeep years!! —--AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION-—- Here is a summary of the major upgrades: -Poison Spyder rear corner armor -Poison Spyder A-Pillar Kits and Heavy Duty...
  10. norris_chad

    2005 Jeep Wrangler will not rev past 2500 RPM

    The motor acts like the rev limiter has been set at 2500. I have replaced the TPS, crank position sensor, and the cam position sensor. At this point I’m lost as to what the problem would be. It started acting like this after riding the trails at the state park in Walton county Florida. Any help...
  11. L

    Does the NSG370 transmission have any known issues?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to at a 2006 lj rubicon with 79k miles with the 6 speed trans for a sorta good price. I had a 1998 tj with the 3 speed auto in the past and the issues i notices in that jeep passed the test with this one, clean frame, low mileage, bedlined interior etc. I was wondering...
  12. Tzerambo

    Anyone have any information on the half hard tops for the jeep LJ where to buy?

    Just wanting to know where you can buy a half hard top for the jeep Wrangler unlimited aka LJ which makes the the wrangler look like a jeep truck. Anyone have any inforamtion on those half hard tops and what kind of work must you do to install one on a jeep LJ.
  13. B

    Road to LJ build

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to the thread. Coming from an 04 four banger, no AC. I picked up a 05 LJ last Monday, with 36000 miles. I'll say that again 36000 miles. Owned by a old lady with no offroading, and being from the north east, surprisingly no rust whatsoever. So the...