manual transmission

  1. drewvans

    Manual Transmission weird issue

    Hey All, This is my first entry on this forum and I am pumped. I got my 98' TJ a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier, however, I've run into a few speed bumps and I suspect something is up with my transmission (manual 5 speed) First, I live in Wisconsin which, at the moment, reaches temps...
  2. chaz.t0

    Can't shift gears

    I have a 2001 Sport, 4.0 manual transmission. Long story short it is about impossible for me to get my trans into first gear. Second is slightly less difficult, and third through fifth are not so easy either. On occasion I can get it to slide right in, but there seems to be no pattern or...
  3. M

    Michigan 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon - Impact Orange (Price Drop)

    2005 Wrangler TJ Rubicon, Manual Transmission, Impact Orange, 56,513 Miles Fellow TJ Enthusiasts, Finally decided to put my TJ Rubicon up for sale because of another child on the way. This was a tough decision for my wife and I as we've enjoyed many years of summer beach cruising in Northern...
  4. zhartranft

    Maryland For sale: 2006 Wrangler LJ

    2006 wrangler unlimited with 69,000 miles. Hard top and soft top included. All stock 4.0 with a 6 speed manual. Pm with any questions.
  5. mobile chernobyl

    Colorado 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ - 4.0 with 5-speed

    This is an extremely fun and capable jeep built with high quality parts and reliability in mind! I have owned this vehicle almost a year - and before me it was a Colorado/Wyoming vehicle with no road salt damage in all of it's 200,000 miles! The 2000 is a great year to get - you have all the...
  6. P

    Oil Leaking from Manual Transmission Vent?

    My 03 Jeep Wrangler has been leaking a bit of oil the past few days. (At least I think it is oil). But it seems that it is coming from the Manual Transmission Vent behind the Oil pan. I want to change my oil but am holding off until I can find out what this is coming from. Would anyone be able...
  7. Y

    How reliable is a 65th Anniversary Edition TJ with a 6-speed manual?

    Can someone tell me how reliable the 2005 65th Anniversary Tj is with the 6 speed manual, I'm looking at one with 75k miles for 13k. Also I'm not sure if it is really the 65th Anniversary Edition.
  8. thedern

    Question for NSG370 6 Speed Manual Owners

    Anyone out there running 33's with 3.73 gears BUT with a 6spd manual? I was wondering if you could provide your impression of how it performs. I was told never to try this with an automatic, but with a 6sp manual, this would not be a bad combo for road use. I realize 4.56 or 4.88 would be...
  9. asheville_lj

    2006 Wrangler LJ (every build must start somewhere)

    For those who don't know, I purchased a 2005 Wrangler TJ Unlimited (LJ) about a month ago and it flooded one night due to flash flooding (I will include a pic of my old Jeep flooded). It was then time to start all over again. Im partial to LJ's and Manual Transmissions which limits the number...
  10. Sianna

    Can't figure out what is wrong with my jeep!

    I have an 01 Jeep Wrangler sport(manual). It is on 35's and has a 4 in lift. Every time I shift it throws the jeep to the right really hard. Also it shakes VERY bad and you are never able to keep it straight. It is very hard to control the steering and is getting scary to drive. Another thing...
  11. Bekka

    A few questions

    I just recently bought a 2007 wrangler Sahara, manual. I'm having an issue where... 1) when I slow down or stop, it sounds like my engine is still revving up high and takes a minute to fall back down, like something is sticking 2)we replaced my ignition switch a few days ago, because when you...
  12. mhrabosky

    05 Wrangler major problem

    Hi, this is my first forum post. The main reason I'm here is because I've run into a bit of an issue with my 2005 Wrangler 6 speed. I had just shifted into 3rd gear when my transmission just kind of stopped working. I didn't hear a thud or anything, but it felt like it just kind of slipped out...
  13. Blackout

    For you manual jeepers i have a question

    Hello, i am currently stumped trying to figure out what this is before i drop my transmission. Or if it is really something to worry about, my clutch pedal when i drive my jeep for a bit and everything warms up when i push down on the pedal or release it, i get this creaking sound. Im attaching...
  14. UPJOHN

    Automatic or Manual?

    What do you prefer? I don't have to deal with traffic jams or city driving, so I like my manual transmission. I feel more in control.