1. L

    SYE kit installed, transfer case not shifting out of 2WD

    Hello everyone, I recently just installed a new SYE kit into my 99 Tj. After putting in the TC and filling with oil, I cannot get the transfer case to shift out of 2wd. I am currently waiting on my rear driveshaft and was trying to take a test cruise in 4hi. I checked the shift rod and its...
  2. jarhead8086

    SOLD 231J TC w/ SYE Kit, Rear Driveshaft, & Front Driveshaft

    231J Transfer Case 150k Miles Rubicon Express SYE Kit - Installed 2020 - 10k Miles Rubicon Express Rear Double Cardan Driveshaft - Installed 2020 - 10k Miles Compressed: 15.5" - Extended: 17.5" Rebalanced/Painted in 2022 by Republic Diesel (Louisville, KY) Stock Front Drive Shaft - 150k Miles...
  3. ThomasFletch

    Is an SYE and DC driveshaft install worth it?

    From what I have read on the forum here, the 2.5” lift can cause vibes and varies from TJ to TJ. The problem I am currently having is a shudder/vibration that lasts only a second from a hard acceleration. Smooth acceleration appears to be fine. That being said, I am 90% sure that my issue will...
  4. Liro

    SYE plus rear driveshaft or new rear control arms?

    Hi y'all, first time post here and long time lurker, I purchased a real beat up '97 Jeep from the local takuaches last May and I have been fixing it ever since. I've been looking to eliminate vibrations that happen when getting on the freeway starting at 55mph. I recently removed the rear...
  5. JP.Mongo

    Someone please check my planned 2" lift

    After about 3 years of ownership I am finally planning to start throwing some money at my 2005 Rocky Mtn Edition Silver TJ. Its currently nearly bone stock aside from a headunit and seat covers and I am planning to upgrade the suspension to a 2" lift. I'm currently running (and plan on keeping)...
  6. hgrimes7

    Which SYE and driveshaft should I go with?

    I've been running a 4" rough country lift for a year now and unfortunately have been dealing with the driveline vibration since the angles are off. I have an 06 Golden Eagle with the rear dana 44. Which setup should I go with that's cost effective and won't break the bank?
  7. cameronblizz

    SOLD BRAND NEW Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

    I have a brand new slip yoke eliminator (SYE) kit in the box unopened for sale. Attached are pics of package with part number as well as the online pic of what it includes. Reason for selling is I no longer have my 2001 TJ sport that it was going to go into. price is 420 + shipping. I paid...
  8. Will’s TJ

    Questions about lifting and getting SYE and driveshaft

    I'm looking at getting the Zone 4.25" Combo lift for more clearance for my 33s, and the kit comes with a motor mount lift to avoid a transfer case drop. My question is, will I have problems/vibrations with the stock driveshaft while I save for an SYE and new driveshaft? Or should get everything...
  9. N

    2006 LJ transfer case drop kit

    I have a 2006 LJ and I'm bout to put on a 4 inch suspension lift with 33's. The lift kit recommends a SYE and a CV driveshaft. Would I be able to just use a transfer case drop kit instead? This is the lift kit I'm looking at...
  10. Mcnenc1

    42RLE transmission issue shifting from 2nd to 3rd

    2004 Sahara 4.0l 42RLE Auto 199k miles From gear shift 2 to 3 The rig acts like it can not decide to shift or not and lurches in power over and over again until something catches. I have a 2.5 in suspension lift with no SYE installed. Is this a sign of the tranny going bad or something else?
  11. Nordic

    Anything I'm missing for SYE / clutch / other work?

    Hello All, Getting back home soon, and wanting to do a SYE to help with some driveline vibrations I've been having. Anyhow, did some research, and with the fact that I figured I might as well do some other items while I have the T-Case off, the plan snowballed into the list below: SYE •...
  12. Ericshere03

    Another Driveline Vibration (research showed this should work)

    So, I read most of the threads about driveline angles... I SHOULD be vibe free. I have had 3 other jeeps with similar lifts I put together without vibes. So... I have an 05 TJ with the NSG 6 speed OME HD lift Extended LCAs (Synergy) Adjustable UCAs (Synergy) 1” MML/BL Rear Axle pointed up 9...
  13. Speny999

    SYE eliminator driveshaft length

    I want to install a SYE kit in my jeep and am looking for someone with a similar setup to mine who has done so and curious what their yoke to yoke distance was. I would like to get an adams driveshaft and i understand that the ideal way is to measure once the SYE is installed but I live in...
  14. L

    Vibrations at 35 mph after SYE install

    So I recently installed a SYE on my jeep to help remedy some terrible drive line vibrations caused from my 2.5" lift kit. After install the vibrations were gone except for when ever I am going roughly 35 MPH there is a vibration that comes on pretty strong, but once I go over 35, like around 40...
  15. DougB

    SOLD Advance Adapters SYE and 1300 series flange yoke for NP231 transfer case

    Bought these for my NP231 but going with a 241 Rubicon case instead, thus, I no longer need this. Both items are brand new in the box. This is from Advance Adapters. It's their 50-7097 short SYE kit with a 1300 series flange yoke for use with CV and NON-CV type custom driveshaft. This won't...
  16. connor grimes

    Brand New Advance Adapters SYE for Wrangler YJ/TJ

    Hey guys, have a brand new in the box Advance Adapters 507906 NP231 Fixed Yoke Kit I accidentally bought 2 and cant return the other one. Im located in LA Area , North Hollywood specifically. $200, open to trades possibly. any questions lemme know !If you need a picture let me know ! but its...
  17. raphaelchicago

    Pinion angle help after 4” Rough Country lift install

    Hello I current have a 2005 Jeep TJ with a 4 inch rough country suspension lift. (this kit here... I have an sye kit and driveshaft. (sye kit ... ) driveshaft...
  18. G

    Removing front yoke nut from NV231 transfer case

    OK, Wow I heard it was going to be tough, but wow. I've damaged two tables by C-Clamping it down. Any suggestions for getting the not removed from the front Yoke on the Tcase?
  19. G

    Custom Driveshaft

    I am preparing to purchase more parts, imagine that? Anyway, I going to replace the clutch and while I'm there I want to install a SYE on my NP231 (2000 4.0L manual).I'm being told I need to purchase a CUSTOM MADE drive shaft? Looking online, I see lots of CV drive shafts and none of them are...
  20. G

    SYE Confusion: Super Short and Mega Short?

    I am looking to add a SYE and CV drive shaft to my 2000 TJ 4.0L manual (all stock with 2.5" lift). I'm a bit confused with the "short shaft" and "mega short shaft" options. What should I look for in a standard SYE and standard CV dive shaft?