Jan 5, 2019
Hello I current have a 2005 Jeep TJ with a 4 inch rough country suspension lift. (this kit here... I have an sye kit and driveshaft. (sye kit ... ) driveshaft ( ) After the install i have very bad drive line vibrations and its almost like my driveshaft is too long causing it to bind. I measured the pinion angle at both the transfer case and diff and it has an 11 degree difference. Can i fix my problems by ordering adjustable upper control arms to fix the pinion angle or how how should i go about this?

Screenshot (26).png

Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (28).png
@bobthetj03 was wondering if you cold take a look at my situation and give some input

You need rear adjustable upper arms to re-adjust your pinion angle so it lines up with the drive shaft tube. For example,If your ds tube is at 14*, your pinion angle needs to be at 14*. Some will run the pinion angle 1* lower than the ds to allow for torque under load.
The only way to fix your issue is with either a transfer case drop, or a SYE and DC driveshaft, as well as rear upper adjustable control arms at a minimum.
The angle finder needs to go on the differential and turned 90 degrees. Right now you are measuring rotation. Sort of.

In those images, is the axle hanging from the shocks or is that the normal ride height? The drive shaft looks too long.

Are the arms you installed adjustable?
the upper arms are adjustable it is on the ground at ride height. The driveshaft is 16.5- 18 inches and said it was for a 2-6 inch lift shouldnt be too long.

I don't see splines for the slip joint. How much further can the driveshaft compress? What happens when the suspension moves up or down? Does the shaft stop the travel?
That driveshaft looks sketchy as well, you could have gotten a Tom Wood's or Adams DS for cheaper.
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