rough country

  1. freedom_in_4low

    SOLD RC lower control arms with Johnny joints

    Pair of (shortarm) Rough Country lower control arms. I installed Johnny Joints the first time the original X-Flex joints needed adjustment. They are freshly disassembled, cleaned and lubricated using Redline CV2. Jam nuts are loosened and ready to set to your desired length. The fixed end...
  2. B

    SOLD Rough Country 2.5" Spring Kit for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ (P/N: 653) - UPDATED

    Asking $120 SHIPPED. Bought the springs new for my 2006 TJ but never got around to installing them, and now I'm about to list the Jeep for sale. If you are local to the Katy, TX area, I can also meet somewhere.
  3. freedom_in_4low

    Rough Country Black Series Dual Row LED light bar

    We don't have a subforum that specifically claims lighting but this one kinda makes sense as a place to talk about offroading related stuff that isn't specific to a TJ. If you prefer video format, it's here . I didn't realize I was in a Nate from Dirt Lifestyle costume (hoodie and backward...
  4. Don Bulee

    Where to spend the money?

    Hello guys, just like everybody with a jeep.... I'm wondering what to improve and I'm considering priorities... and since opinions and advices are always welcomed I would like to know what do you consider should be next... I already have a pretty decent rig (06 TJ rubicon) so lockers, Dana 44s...
  5. freedom_in_4low

    SOLD Rough Country sway bar disconnects

    Rough Country 1142 "Quick Disconnect Sway Links", for 4-6" lift. Bushings (and one of the pins) are brand new and unused. Brackets are ok. price is obo and plus shipping, will ship from 73025.
  6. jm34tj

    Death Wobble

    Okay, I need y'alls help: I recently installed a Rough Country 2.5in lift kit with N3 shocks on my 98 TJ (yes I know it isn't the best brand, but I am a high school kid, I don't have all the money int he world), (4.0). I also did the conversion to run JK Rubicon wheels on with the lug adapters...
  7. S

    Fan removal after body lift

    Rough Country body lift is having me remove fan, power steering reservoir, and fan shroud. I can’t get the four bolts off to remove the fan. Any advice? Fan does appear to be touching the bottom so believe an adjustment is necessary. Also, should I be removing the bolts closer to the front...
  8. Jt223

    Control arm question

    Hello all. Im adding a 2" ome suspension lift to my 2002 tj soon. I wasnt planning on doing control arms because of price for now but someone just put up a rough country control arm kit and I need to figure out if it would work with my lift. Its rough country 1071. In the description it says it...
  9. Forty

    Need to change my lift

    Hey all! Happy holidays and wheeling this time of year. I currently have the Rough Country 4 inch X series suspension lift, savvy inch and a quarter body lift, JKS adjustable rear track bar, BFG KO2 35’s, chrome moly axles, 4:56 gears front and back, brown dog 1” motor mounts and tummy tuck...
  10. cameronblizz

    SOLD 2001 TJ Sport 4.0L 5 Speed

    I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler sport 2 door for sale. Has 4.0L v6 engine with 5 speed manual transmission. 113k miles, clean title in hand. Has a ton of upgrades, over 20k put in it. -new Rough Country 4 inch long arm lift kit -new Rough country 2 inch body lift -new rough country steering...
  11. Kiefer_jackson1242

    Jeep TJ sliding windows

    Hello, I have a 1998 Jeep TJ with the half doors and the sliding glass uppers. I’m about to replace my top with one of the rough country tops (comes with skins for the plastic windows) and I’m just not going to replace the door skin. Im looking to find a seal kit for the glass windows since...
  12. raphaelchicago

    Pinion angle help after 4” Rough Country lift install

    Hello I current have a 2005 Jeep TJ with a 4 inch rough country suspension lift. (this kit here... I have an sye kit and driveshaft. (sye kit ... ) driveshaft...
  13. Jakob McElhaney

    Help with 2 inch suspension lift

    I own a 1997 Jeep Tj with the inline 6, and the automatic transmission. I am running 31's on it right now. I am buying new tires soon but I was also wanting to do a 2" suspension lift since I am buying new tires. I am still planning on sticking with 31's. I am just wondering if there is...
  14. 1Blacktj

    Would having bad ball joints make it very rough going over bumps or cracks in the road?

    So I know a few people have probably asked about this but I wanted to describe my problem. I have had the 3.25 lift from RC on for almost a year now. I know most people don't recommend RC but hindsight is 20/20. for the better part of the last year my Jeep has rode great considering it is a Jeep...
  15. Nicholas

    New jeeps 2017!

    So this is my first post, I just turned 18 and with my own money I bought a 98' Wrangler TJ sport 4cyl about 3 months ago and since then I've been loving every bit of it. Came stock suspension here's what I've added: -2' RC spring spacer kit -RC shocks -Replaced control arms -RC adjustable track...
  16. mWHITE

    Rough Country long arms

    This is my 2004 TJ build that I just started - 8.8 rear end, Yukon shafts, and ROUGH COUNTRY long arm kit so far. Hoping to keep building and going further.
  17. Tommyb6273

    98 build need help with 6" lift

    Hey guys thanks in advance. i have a 98 that im installing a rough country 6" lift with adjustable control arms. when i bought the jeep the axles were removed by previous owner and he lost all of the factory control arms. Ive looked online and i find anywhere from 15" to 17" as a base starting...
  18. A

    I knew Rough Country made some questionable stuff, but...

    This is just absurd: Who on earth would do a 3" body lift?
  19. TJDave

    Let's clear the air on Rough Country lifts

    Okay, I personally have NEVER run anything by Rough Country and I don't think I ever would. However, I am consistently hearing negative things about Rough Country, but at the same time I am also hearing tons of positive things about Rough Country. Part of me always wants to steer people away...