wiring problems

  1. B

    Help with stereo wiring and amp

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help this idiot out with the stereo and amp in my tj. Here's what I'm dealing with. The prior owner installed an amplifier and aftermarket sony head unit (my guess is 10years old). I noticed that the red hot wire to amp was not hooked up. It was just loose under the...
  2. 1Blacktj

    A place to start on wiring issue

    So this morning, my Jeep started misfiring like crazy and had the check engine light start flashing. When I got it back home, I went to check the code and the obd2 would not connect to my scanner as well as the "no bus" code on the odometer. I have had to park my Jeep in the grass the last few...
  3. Zach O'Neill

    Random Stall / Misfire

    Firstly apologies, I’ve posted quite a bit about this in the past but I’m at a loss and don’t really know what else to do. So here I am again , I’ve had some major issues with my 2004 4.0 Auto TJ that I’ve posted extensively about and had some really helpful conversations about , but...
  4. thedustyboot

    Help with headlight wiring (updated / solved)

    Good day all, I've had a decent search around the forum for some answers but no luck yet. Please forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere else. Maybe link the thread? I'm not the best with wiring so I'm hoping to find the help I need from someone smarter on here😅 Here's my...
  5. 0

    Problem With Halo and Turn Signal Wiring

    Above is a video explaining the issues I’m having with the headlight and turn signal wirings
  6. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  7. M

    Jeep not starting, found some wires not plugged in and Im not sure what they are?

    Hi all, I have a 2000 Jeep with 157000 miles on it and I've been having some trouble with it starting and running. I've owned the car for about 2 years now and for the whole time that I've owned it It almost never starts on the first crank, but always on the second. there are some other problems...
  8. P

    Oil Pressure Gauge Always Reads Zero

    Okay so to start from the beginning I bought a 2001 jeep Tj and it always had oiling issues but one day the gauge dropped to 0 and never went back up so I rebuilt the motor in hopes to fix it and the gauge still reads 0. I have replaced the sending unit and still nothing, I use a manual gauge...