Portable Air

For those that are leaning toward 12V compressors, most of them are total sh*t out of China. I'd be surprised if most of them can inflate a single tire before they seize up or wear out the valving/piston.

One option is the HP series air compressors sold by Pacbrake (aka Pacific Diesel Brake). This company sells product primarily aimed at the medium duty truck market, not the bubba's in their stinky modified pickup trucks. On a MD truck with juice brakes, there is no air system to operate the exhaust brake. So these compressors are designed for the long-haul, not occasional use. As such, they should hold up very well. They are packaged up in various kits but the basic compressor is reasonable.



I'm sure Jacobs also sells a similar product (thru Cummins) but I've always found them to be a lot more money.
I liked that first one you listed until I saw the 1.2 com rating.
I liked that first one you listed until I saw the 1.2 com rating.
Exactly, 1.2 CFM is not much at all for tire refilling duties and likely that rating was obtained at 0 psi back pressure. You can also tell it doesn't put out much air volume from its physically tiny size.

Air compressors for big rig truck brakes don't need to produce nearly as much CFM as compressors for big tires do.