Stock vs Windstar CFM?

@Jerry Bransford i respect your opinion.and on a stock motor I'd run a factory enclosure every time.

But I think for what I'm doing the stock airbox isn't a good fit though. I have a lot of money and parts into my stroker. It has a cam,ported edelbrock head and other things that make it flow substantially more. It is also on the ragged edge of detonation and i want to build in some more safety factor.

I have also told Jerry I respect his opinion on a great many things. He has a vast amount of experience with Jeep stuff but also other technical areas. Much more so then myself in many cases. I realize I am endangering losing his valuable input by arguing this point which I don't like. I have also told him repeatedly that on a practical level, I agree the vast majority of TJ owners will see no noticable benefit from monkeying with their stock intake setup.

That being said, understanding the how and why, and when matter. Some people care (for whatever stupid reason I'll grant you) how their TJ revs out running it to redline. Some of those people have built motors that flow a lot more air than stock. I have more experience and knowledge in said applications than Jerry does. So do others, and they have put that to the test with dyno testing. Despite this proof, Jerry is taking a comment from a Jeep engineer referring to one application and projecting his opinions on to something completely different. There is no such thing as "flows enough." It's an exponential curve with diminishing returns. On a stock motor, the result of a modified intake is almost unmeasurable. The more power you make, the further down that curve you move and the more gains can be achieved.

Jerry, ask your FB buddy if he thinks a built stroker making 300+hp would make higher peak hp on the dyno with a modified intake vs stock (not if he thinks that's stupid and wasteful in aTJ). See what he says. I bet he would qualify his previous comments a bit.
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A meme felt appropriate.

That reminds me. I was supposed to make a burn out vid for somebody on here. Can't remember who, but I'll try to get my old set of wheels/tires mounted up this spring and go burn them down for you guys 😎

You promised Jerry you would do a burnout.
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On a street machine that is a good idea. I hydrolocked a ford ranger with a factory intake routing like that once though. When the bow wave gets high enough its game over 💀

I remembered a product from years ago for that, or at least it's supposed to prevent hydrolocking via air intake. I used to see them on AEM intakes. It seems to be called a "bypass valve". I remembered them being called a hydorlock something, but that doesn't matter. IDK if they still make them or not, but it might be something to look into if submerging the intake is something you're worried about.

Did you decide on the Windstar application . . . . follow-up photos?

Me or andy? After looking at a few different ways of running the windstar i am definitely going to run one when i gather the parts for it.

Thank you @Jezza in particular for the data and links,and everyone else here whose setups I'll be shamelessly copying to some degree 🇺🇲
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Hey Jezza, are you still running your modified "stock" airbox (I think that's an oxymoron, but you know what I mean) with the turbo?

Yes, the kit comes with a new top lid, but retains the lower box and factory filter. We did some crude testing when we were dyno testing the kit. We removed the elbow between the turbo and airbox to see if it would make a difference in power. It did not change the power in our test.
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