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TJ Glovebox Light Install


TJ Enthusiast
Feb 4, 2017
Palmdale, CA, United States
One thing I have done is put some tape over the wiring to hold it in place. I am trying to find some sort of clip for it, which would be better. But it's good for now.View attachment 25989
What if you put like a paper clip into the heat shrink, came out the backside and wrapped the paper clip up into the dash area? Not sure what that looks like back there where the wire enters the dash area. The paper clip is firm enough to form into the position you want.

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New Member
Feb 9, 2018
Knoxville, IL, USA
I had been looking around for a while for a light for my 2006 TJ's glovebox, without much luck.
So I thought it was time I did it myself. I sat in the Jeep for a long time going over different options, where to put the switch, what type of light to use, where it was going to go. That was the biggest problem, it had to actually throw light in the glovebox when it was opened. The only option I could see was right in front of the latch where the glovebox shuts. Next problem, wasn't a lot of room there. I eventually found a hard plastic LED strip on ebay for $1.00. The dimentions for the LED strip is 75mm x 13mm and 6mm thick, perfect size. The LED is held on by two small screws, they just screw into the plastic. Then I had to work out how to activate the light when the glovebox was opened. I ended up going for one of those aftermarket car door switches. It has a long black plunger on it and you just cut it to your desired length. I decided to use constant power which I took from the number 2 fuse in the fuse panel behind the glovebox. I used a mini fuse tap and a 3 amp fuse as that is the smallest I have. So, I have power going from the mini fuse tap to the positive wire on the light, then the negative wire from the light goes through another 3 amp fuse to the swtich. When the glovebox is opened the switch makes contact with ground and the light comes on.
My TJ is Right Hand Drive, if you are wondering about the photos.

View attachment 24184 View attachment 24185 View attachment 24186 View attachment 24187 View attachment 24188 View attachment 24189 View attachment 24190 View attachment 24191 View attachment 24192 View attachment 24193 View attachment 24194
Good on ya!! Might just have to attempt this one..
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New Member
Oct 15, 2018
Vermont, USA
Nice! I wired up a switch in my glovebox for my door lights. That way when I go without doors I can flick a switch and disengage my cab lights.


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Jan 4, 2018
Nice job!!! I never even thought about not having a light in there but now that I read your write up I think it is brilliant! no pun intended, well ok, maybe a little.....;):cool:


New Member
Last week I finished my center console!!!, my glovebox was already done when I first read this thread, the additional steps I took where drilling 2 holes to the tuffy console insert to pass the voltage cable and to hold the switch, If you are planning to install a tuffy center console you can run the wires and make the holes before installing...


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Supporting Member
Dec 13, 2018
Amarillo, Texas
Did mine today - it only took about an hour.

I also see the subpanel tucked up there- are there directions on how to do that?
The fuse panel is just an "inline" fuse holder. Place a blade connector on both sides of your wire and then place the appropriate size fuse in the slot where you connected the wires.
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TJ Enthusiast
Sep 29, 2017
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
One thing I have done is put some tape over the wiring to hold it in place. I am trying to find some sort of clip for it, which would be better. But it's good for now.View attachment 25989
I made a small plastic clip to hold the wires. I just heated up a piece of plastic and molded it over some plywood, then drilled a couple of holes and screwed it in place.

Wire Clip.jpg


TJ student
Supporting Member
You even rounded off the corners of the fabbed plastic wire retainer. Nice attention to detail.

I'm doing this mod to both my 97 and 05 and I am adding some accent LEDs around the inside top lip of the tub for more light against the black interiors. Nice work @Maso.
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