What did you do to your TJ today?


The H&R Springs you installed. Did you have any measurable shift of your differentials after? I couldn’t imagine it being more than 1/8” or so. I am running stock non-adjustable track bars so it got me to wondering…

You know you just ask a belly dancer about his differential shift correct :oops: :oops::cool::cool::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
What have I done 🙁

You are now on the @Zorba "no call" list. :cry:
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Oh boy...4" lift my a$$...

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If your comment is based solely on the free length of those two springs, keep in mind that free length is only one of many design constraints that result in ride height of a certain amount. The spring on the right looks to have about 10 active coils. The one on the left - about 13 or 14. That means the spring on the right will have a higher spring rate (assuming wire diameters are very similar), which means, under the same load, it will compress less than the one on the right. Think of trying to twist a rod made of the same material and the same diameter, but one is an inch long, and one is a foot long. The foot long rod will be considerably easier to twist. That is what a coil spring is. A torsion bar coiled in a helix. Putting a load on the coil results in the wire twisting, and that's what gives the spring its springiness.

It's entirely possible that both springs give the same ride height. Or the right one more. Or the left one more. All depends on the design. Of course, if you're basing your comment on more info you've observed (like installed spring height at ride height), you have more info that the photo provides at your disposal.
It's entirely possible that both springs give the same ride height.

Absolutely correct on all counts.

Spring on the left is the new to me Curry 4". One on the right is allegedly a ProComp spring installed by the PO.

I suspect the rear springs caused my rear shocks to blow...Black Maxes...but again, just a theory.

Springs were on my list of things to do but down on the list until the right deal came around.

Almost done installing.

The oh boy was from a new springs being 2 in taller and I barely pried out the old ones. I cheated a little and used a spring compressor.

I'm in desperate need of new control arms. The OEM arms bind up before I hit the bump stops. Which puts me in danger of ripping off the brackets. That's next on the list. Control arms...not ripping off the brackets...

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