What did you do to your TJ today?

instantly adds $4k to the value for sure !!!

Maybe I slap the stickers on, flip it, and then buy a real one? And then put a second set of stickers on that one, flip it, and then buy a better one? I see an infinite money glitch here. How much more if I make some Savvy stickers and put on there too? lol
instantly adds $4k to the value for sure !!!

Years back, I upped the value of my Rubicon for non-Jeep buyers when I was selling it. 🤫
Kinda like putting Rubicon decals on a SE ! how many of those have ya seen ?

I looked into one particular LJ before getting mine that had a Rubicon decal on the hood. I was surprised the dealer actually came clean that it wasn't, but that was only the beginning. Fog/driving lights on the cow pusher front bumper, non-functional, installed by the dealer for appearance. 3rd brake light on the swing out spare carrier, non-functional, installed by the dealer for the appearance of compliance. Did a helluva job trying to disguise what ended up being a questionable frame as well. The list goes on...

Sometimes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it isn't actually a duck. :D
I wish I looked at it that way. (y) I worked construction for 12 years, then my boss/stepdad died on the job, in front of me at 58 (heart attack) I got lazy and was making $650 tax free a week, working 2 hours a day (7 days a week for 33 years). Now I'm old and need a job. Shit happens. 🥳

That's just how many sell it in this day and age. The volume of fluff in work profiles on places like LinkedIn is amazing.

At 122, I'm not sure you're considered a viable option in the workforce anymore... ;)