What did you do to your TJ today?

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IT actually flows better air than the factory vent. I've asked the seller if he can make one without the ball for the passenger side. If not, I'll buy another for that side with a "right" ball and get a phone mount for the wife.

My phone does not move in the Bullet Point mount I attached to it. I've got a large phones (S24 Ultra) and it holds it firm.

Well, I just added something new to my wish list. I'll be buying this and using my old RAM stuff that I had in my Subaru.
Dug out the control cable for the CD changer, and all the other factory brackets and fasteners … hopefully reinstall will be a breeze for @Mike Z !
Looks like the cable had extra length in it for LJ installs. 👍

New bumper from Quadratec. Those bottom bolts are fucking TIGHT after 21 years in the salt. Top ones came out with a 1/2" rachet. Bottom was breaker bar and a pipe.

Now for some input; 31's or regear and run 33's? 2.5" lift. 2.4 5 speed on factory 4.10's.

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Those tires look so tiny. :(
Idle has been a bit weird lately, lazy to drop rpms when coming off throttle, sometimes hanging a bit high. Last week did some slow backroading and the idle went erratic, hanging at 2k a couple of times. I pulled out the IAC that I cleaned last summer and it's still clean. Sprayed throttle body cleaner through the slot in the throttle body AKA Jerry's fix. Sprayed starting fluid around looking for a vacuum leak. Fine for a couple of days then came back so took the Jeep to my Jeep guy. Put it on the scan tool and the IAC is tracking exactly as expected but discovered that touching the TPS or pushing slightly on the throttle cable side of the throttle plate shaft caused a shift in RPMs. Something inside the TPS going wonky. New one fixed it.
New 4.88 gears and 2 inches of lift taught me that my 20 year old front driveshaft is worn out . The minor vibrations turned into major vibrations .

A Tom Woods order will be forthcoming . I'll probably go ahead and order front and rear while I'm at it .

My front drive shaft double cardan yoke caused the same thing. Ordered a Tom woods shaft, you won’t be disappointed.
Could I use the non export tail light pigtail and a harness side male pigtail that fits the export tail light female pigtail to make an adapter?

Basically the same idea with the adapters people have to use a 99 hard top on 03-06 Jeeps
in theory yes, but the wiring from the multifunction switch to the taillights is slightly different for export lights.
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