1. juaneslh

    A/C Issue on a 2004 TJ

    Hey Ya’ll, First post on here but i’m hoping to get some advice about what may be going on with my tj. I bought a 2004 2.4L with 132k miles a month ago and it has AC but it hasn’t blown cold. I decided to recharge it with some freon but when I recharged it the gauge was going up and down and...
  2. 06LJR

    WTB: 2005-2006 AC high pressure line

    Looking for the OEM air conditioner high high-side/liquid line from firewall to condenser. This is the full hard pipe and does not have any hose segment. Doesn't seem to be available new anywhere.
  3. Ericshere03

    Arizona 1999-2006 HVAC Heater Panel With Aluminum Knobs

    Up for grabs is my 2005-2006 Jeep TJ/LJ HVAC (Heater Panel) for Jeeps with AC. This also has real machines aluminum knobs, black anodized with machined accents … very cool. The units works perfectly, no evidence is ANY head damage, not even a hint of discoloration. And being AZ (and garaged)...
  4. S

    A/C pressure levels

    AC compressor clutch is not spinning. I forced it with a paper clip and just put in some refrigerant. I’m showing 30 low and 175 high. It’s about 60 degrees here. Does anyone know what the level should be at? I changed out the fuse and relay but compressor clutch still not spinning without...
  5. LOLJ

    A/C issues

    i’ve been searching the site for a while but I’m not 100% sure what to call my problem. I have a 2005 LJ. it got cold this weekend and I turned the heater to defrost. I’m in Texas, so the next day I tried to turn on the AC but I can’t get it to blow out of the vents anymore. It blows only out...
  6. Joeinnewjersey

    Recommended AC/heater blower motor

    Purchased and installed a new blower motor last year. Some cheap thing from Amazon. It’s already making a squealing noise. Any suggestions on a replacement?
  7. MikeJeeper

    Loud squealing noise when A/C kicks on

    Yesterday while driving my AC was working for 20 minutes then I started to smell something burning (plastic maybe rubber) then the ac stopped working. All the blower speeds still work, new resistor, fan relay, Accumulator, ac lines, fresh charge with 500 micron vacuum. (before all this...
  8. M

    A/C replacement causing RMP surge and pulling

    Had the ac evaporator replaced. It wasn’t done right. There has to be a wiring issue. The fan only works on 1 speed. As soon as the heavy system is turned on it surges the RPMs. I’ve replaced the fan switch a little while back and the fan switch has been spliced in as it had previously melted...
  9. S

    Air conditioning blowing hot air

    Anyone guide me to a starting point to figure out what’s wrong with the AC? I have a 2006 TJ X with about 62,000 miles. Hot air blowing when on the AC setting. Thanks.
  10. LockedEye

    Installing A/C

    So I bought my 2004 TJ used as it came with no AC and just running with the bikini or rag top. However I am now getting ready to move from Florida to Ohio and am going to drive it up there and make a big fun road trip out of it. The catch is I also have a dog so I need to get AC in the car since...
  11. jwmays.81

    AC compressor questions/on passenger side??

    Hey guys and gals! First time poster and new to the TJ world. I bought my 2000 TJ knowing that the AC didn't work, but I'm now trying to see what all needs to be done to get it working properly. The puzzling thing is that is appears that the AC compressor is mounted in a completely different...
  12. Jrc4055

    Is my power steering pump leaking?

    Hey all, I spent my weekend replacing what I thought was a leaky AC compressor. Well...The leak is still there, and I need your help finding the culprit. I'm wondering if its the Power Steering Pump for a couple reasons: 1. There is oil pooling on the top of the AC compressor and dripping down...
  13. Latimera

    Heat is not blowing hot (a little more complicated than you may think)

    As the title says, the heat in my 2006 Wrangler TJ is not blowing hot. This started to happen after I replaced the heater core. I want to be as thorough as I can with this post so here is a rundown of everything leading up to this moment. My TJ had a leaky heater core, but the heat still blew...
  14. ndaddy

    Is it normal for HVAC lines to be completely white and frosted?

    Hola. I dont know much about the heating and cooling system. I just know I had AC in the summer and in the winter I have heating. I am in NJ where temps have fluctuated anywhere from 25F to 48F. Images attached. I noticed when I turn my car on that the lines are completely white and frosted. Is...
  15. Jones

    A/C Wont Turn Off

    Hey everyone, quick question to see if ya'll had the same issue in the past or if anyone has any insight. I have a '98 Wrangler Sport 5 Speed. My AC unit wont turn off. I know you can hear the unit from the cab click on (if you know what I mean) when the selector switch is one the AC modes. (The...
  16. Jaxon B.

    A/C swaps to defrost vents when at speed

    I have a 98 TJ, whenever I drive at the range of 45-70 mph, the AC will switch to the defrost vents and stay there for a while, before heading back. The only other time this happens is when I first start it up, and the AC starts making a high pitched noise through the defrosts and I have to turn...
  17. oscaralexander

    Gas gauge not working soon after starting; A/C blower not working

    Hey, I replaced my PCM in order to resolve limp mode issues with my TCM and was hoping it would fix my gas gauge issue but it has not. My gas gauge will read normally on start but after a couple minutes driving it will read empty with the gas light. I have already tried replacing the...
  18. brodyrife

    AC not working

    When my tj was in the shop last it had the ac recharged and it was working good. Previously before that the ac clutch was changed because it was making an awful noice. Now my Ac blows straight hot air. I just did a new ac clutch relay hoping that would help but it still only now blows hot air...
  19. T

    Air conditioner concern

    Well I think I prayed too much to the weather gods in Ohio for nice weather, our area has been "blessed" with 101 degrees😑 With that being said I noticed lately my AC has not felt as cold and as powerful lately. Didn't think much of it until today when I was running errands and noticed a lot...
  20. The IsARubicon

    Normal for AC to turn off when OD is turned off?

    We've only had the LJ for a few months..We noticed the AC turning off at what we thought was random times, but we then realized that when we turn Overdrive OFF (OD Off light = ON), the AC turns off.. fans still work but the compressor turns off and just warm air blows. As soon as we turn OD back...