first jeep

  1. Kevlon Don

    Building my TJ - inaugural post

    What's up everyone! First time TJ owner in the Tampa area and absolutely loving it. Over the past year I've been having some under the hood work done to it and I'm motivated to get this thing to near tip-top condition. Most recently, my ECM went on it (replaced with Wranglerfix ECM) and also...
  2. TJRicochet

    New Member in New Mexico

    Hmmm... New Member in New Mexico — NM in NM... LOL! Oh, sorry. Squirrel! Just joined today from the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. I bought my first Wrangler — a 2000 Sport, 4.0, 5-speed w/hard top and 184,000 miles — on Monday. It's pretty stock right now. The 4.0 is quiet and...
  3. NYCTJ

    Quarantine Sanity

    Hi all, Long time lurker and finally a member! Got my 99 TJ Sport back in June and have been slowly bringing her back to her former glory, while also maintaining my sanity during all this craziness. I've never had a jeep before - always been more of a Ford guy - but I have to say this thing has...
  4. B

    Purchasing first time TJ (rust)

    Trying to purchase my first wrangler for a relatively low price. I know rust is a problem on jeeps but I don't know how bad this one is. Was hoping you guys can tell me how bad and how to treat it.
  5. Mora

    First time buyer in the market for a TJ (need help)

    Okay, I'm looking to become a new TJ owner but am having such a hard time picking. Here is California, Jeeps are pretty expensive and a lot of them already have things done to them. Only problem I fear is that if I buy a stockish TJ, will I end up spending more in mods rather than buying a TJ...
  6. T

    Budget build

    hey yall i want to build up my jeep but keep her on a budget. If you have anything you think i should add i plan on using my jeep as a everyday car and a weekend warrior but in the summer i plan on taking her out 24/7. hers some of the things i have on a list any recommendations for good prices...
  7. JeepinJaye

    My First TJ - 2004 Sport Columbia Edition

    I've wanted a TJ since I was a kid, and this past weekend I was lucky enough to finally get one! After much searching, we found this one about 6hrs away (a small price to pay for my dream vehicle). It's a 2004 Jeep TJ Columbia Edition with about 180,000km on it. It's a 5 speed standard with the...
  8. Zedd

    I want to buy this Jeep but I need your help

    GF helping me show it off haha. This’ll be my first car. I found my dream 2002 Jeep Wrangler SE. The owner is the 4th owner who got it at an auction. It had been in a collision in which the insurance company deemed it a “totaled car.” Apparently all it needed was the bumper replacement. I...