1. M

    Headlights not working - 2004 Jeep Wrangler

    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler X, original owner with 130k miles. My passenger side headlight went out and I replaced it and everything worked fine. A week later both headlights quit working. Running/fog lights & tail lights work fine. I replaced the headlamp fuse but no luck. What should I...
  2. DeltaNu1142

    Does anyone recognize these headlights from my crude drawing?

    I was over at a salvage yard this week, and they have a few TJs. I'm picking over the Flame Red '97 for some parts, and one of the guys there told me they have a beige one I should look at. It had (obviously aftermarket) headlights that look something like this: Does that look familiar to...
  3. E

    SOLD German made Hella H4 lenses

    For sale German made H4 lenses I had on my truck. These came with the truck and I’ve been very happy with them. No cracks or foggy spots. I Changed the headlights to what I had on my old jeep. These will work on any truck or vehicle that uses the 7” H4 lenses. Will come with newer H4 bulbs...
  4. thedustyboot

    Help with headlight wiring (updated / solved)

    Good day all, I've had a decent search around the forum for some answers but no luck yet. Please forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere else. Maybe link the thread? I'm not the best with wiring so I'm hoping to find the help I need from someone smarter on here😅 Here's my...
  5. DjSoundScan

    Looking for similar headlights

    hey everyone, im looking for similar headlights that i had previously bought 5 years ago. if anyone knows where i can find a pair please let me know. these are the specs of these headlights: LED Headlight Features: Plug &Play, LED Ballast, LED Canbus Ready (Built-In) & H4/H13 Adapter Included...
  6. Drgilbert4

    One Headlight Working at a Time

    My 2006 Wrangler Unlimited is having a headlight issue. The passenger side headlight only works on low beam, and the drivers side only works on high beam. This just started happening a couple of days ago. It isn’t the bulbs. I replaced them thinking I had a bad high beam on one and a bad low...
  7. ManWithJeep

    Heated Trucklite set for $349.99

    https://www.quadratec.com/products/97009_8004.htm Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems much cheaper than anywhere else for the heated. Also I bought them and installed them so it's not a mistype. It is for both, and they are the heated. Quadratec will also sell you one heated trucklite for...
  8. Feralkid

    SOLD High wattage H4 headlamp bulbs

    I got 4 sets of 80/100 high wattage headlamp bulbs. free+ shipping make sure your housing can take the heat before you install.
  9. RangerRick

    SOLD Red Jeep TJ / LJ grille $60 with headlights & trim rings

    For sale: TJ/LJ Grille, Red in color as pictured in add with headlights & trim rings. In fair condition could use some new adjusters to keep headlights tight but if your grille is smashed in, rusted out or completely dented, this may be the ticket. $60 pickup in So CA only. Thanks for...
  10. TJh00ker

    Non-blinding headlight options?

    I’m wondering if anyone has had luck finding headlights that aren’t too bright. To each their own, but I live in Chicago and do not need super bright headlights. IMO, that’s why you get flood lights. I remember in the military they would put a strip of black tape/black paint horizontally in the...
  11. P

    Headlight dlr and turn signal wiring

    Hi guys and girls. I want to set up my drl and turn signal into my new halo led headlight but when I went to splice I found only 2 wires not 3 in the turn signal. Are any of these the wires I would use and also what are all these connectors for. Thanks so much. Luke
  12. SeismicWhales

    Tailgate security, hi-lift jack, and headlights

    Has anybody gotten anything for tailgate security? There's a Tuffy one that I'm considering getting: https://www.extremeterrain.com/tuffy-tailgate-security-enclosure-9706-tj.html I like to leave a bag with some jumper cables, tire plugs and now that I have one, a bottle jack and a tire iron...
  13. T

    LED Headlights work one at a time

    I'm new to the world of Jeep Wranglers despite always wanting one, I've had an 02 Grand Cherokee Overland and my wife currently drives a 2015 Grand Cherokee Summit. I found a great looking 1997 Sport that I bought and love and with any vehicle I own the first thing I opted to do was upgrade the...
  14. E

    Do TJ Headlights need to be turned on?

    Alright so I was driving home and hit a bump and all my lights went out and one of my turn signal housings burned, anyway I check the fuses #1 is burnt so I change it and replace the turn signal housing that burnt, but now my headlights only come on when the stalk ( MFS multifunction switch ) is...
  15. Red Dog

    Possible Multiswitch Issue

    Two weeks ago I determined after a full weekend of researching online that the reason my head lights wouldn't turn on was the multiswitch was bad. I picked one up from O'Reillys here in town and installed it. Things worked great other than a) if my fog lights were in the "on" position when I...
  16. J

    KC auxiliary lights not working after LED headlight install

    Hey everyone, looking for some help. I installed some led headlights today on an 06 TJ. Headlights high and low beams both work but the KC lights that were already on the Jeep prior all of a sudden stopped working. The KC lights are tied into the high beams with a switch in the cab to turn them...
  17. B

    LED Headlight Issue

    I have a 98 Jeep Wrangler and I upgraded the headlights to LED bulbs. Since then, I've been battling to get my headlights to turn on at night. They don't flicker, they stay on once they come on, and they seem to be getting enough power to run them. If they aren't turned on at all, the high beams...
  18. weldedcambolt

    Carb cleaner to clean headlights?

    I put carb cleaner on some old headlights, an it made them like brand new. took off the haze...like magical...was this a one time thing fluke thing, to happen, or does it work? i got to go back an double check it, to make sure i wasnt hallucinating.....it was the b12chemtrol throttle body an...
  19. ahumblesensei

    Headlight adjustment question

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to adjust the aim on my new LED headlights for my 03 Wrangler Sport and have been having some issues with the horizontal aiming screws. Every thread I've read talks about 2 screws. Mine has 3 screws. I've managed to figure out that the top one adjusts up and...
  20. Forty


    Has anyone purchased/installed headlights from lightwerkz out of Wixom, MI? My girlfriend purchased these LED's and the halos for Christmas and I know nothing of them other than they are Chines made.