oxygen sensor

  1. Huckster

    06 4.0 failing I/M monitor status emissions

    I’m trying to get my 06 4.0L to pass emissions in Atlanta. 1sts time I rolled thru the testing place I failed because 4 status codes were not ready: CAT, EVA, 02S and HTR. No codes. Emission guy said drive around an do some drive cycles and come back. I did. Same status: 4 not ready to test and...
  2. AWayne

    EDIT: PROBLEM IS BACK, DIDNT FIX. Speedometer bouncing fixed by replacing junk MSD Coil Rail?

    EDIT: PROBLEM IS BACK! The MSD coil ended up not being the issue. Problem was away for a bit, but now it has unfortunately returned. Back on the hunt! First off, big thanks to this forum for being great. Lots of information here that have helped me in various ways over a few years. Hopefully...
  3. N

    Bad catalytic converter or o2 sensors?

    Hey everyone! First time posting here and am hoping for some advice. My 14 year old son bought a 2006 TJ. It's a manual 2.4L and runs great but we are slowly repairing varies things along the way before he gets his drivers license. The error codes we're receiving are: P0420 P0456 P0137 P0138...
  4. Mora

    SOLD New 2005-2006 NTK O2 Sensors

    Brand new 2005-2006 NTK O2 sensors. Selling as one set. Buyer pays shipping.
  5. Mora

    Oxygen Sensor Heater Issue (Can't Pass Smog)

    Going to get my car smogged today and was told that one of the oxygen sensor heater isn’t completed. Drove around for about 30 miles and it’s still not completed. No codes or anything are coming up. Anyone have this issue before?
  6. R

    Help with wiring on downstream bank 2 O2 sensor

    My down stream sensor 2, the adaptor to the wires was broken. Any idea where to get a new adaptor or how to wire a new sensor to the harness? Not sure what wire colors are what? Can’t seem to find any diagrams.
  7. flyingt1954

    p0032, p0038, p0052, & p0058 codes

    My TJ has a check engine light been on for a while I have changed all for oxygen sensors several sensors on the throttlebody checked all the wiring but can’t find out why my engine light keeps coming on over and over and over The codes that keep coming up are p0032 p0038 p0052 p0058 I have...
  8. Brian Moore

    Code P0135: upstream O2 sensor?

    I know its for the upstream O2 sensor. But i was wondering if that would cause backfire and stalling.
  9. KCsTJ

    Diagnostic Code 51

    I randomly check for engine codes and last week a DTC 51 pops up on my 97 SE. 51- Oxygen sensor - lean condition indicated I just love these vague codes...aarg Anyone have ideas, please post, headed to the tj right now to check 02 connections, and look for vacuum leaks It seems to run fine...
  10. B

    P2096 code

    I have had a recurring check engine light over the past 5 years on an 05 Wrangler with 4.0 and am tempted to change all sensors. p2096 is the code any ideas if I am on the right track?
  11. F

    O2 sensor problem?

    Hello everyone, new here and relatively new to Jeeps. I have a 2006 Wrangler X that for now is still stock. On Saturday I got code p0153 for o2 sensor 2/1 and replaced it. Disconnected battery to clear the code. Drove the next day and CEL came back with p0157 for 2/2. A little while later the...
  12. L

    O2 sensor issues and code P0133

    O2 Sensor Problems My check engine light came on a while ago code p0331 and I changed both upstream o2 sensors The light went off for about 2 weeks and then came on again same code P0133 Then the light went off again after a few days and now it is on again Anyone have this issue? Tks
  13. jodomcfrodo

    Replacement Catalytic Converter

    Hi all, I've been forced to get my catalytic converter fixed because I'm moving to a state with emissions testing. I've had the P0420 code for over 5 years now. Recently, I had a dealer install a new converter, but the code is still present. I think this is because the converter the dealer put...
  14. Chris

    The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

    What are Bank 1, Bank 2, etc.? Since this question pops up from time-to-time, here's an easy to follow diagram that illustrates what they mean when your OBDII code scanner (or manual) tells you something like "O2 sensor, Bank 1, Sensor 2": What does upstream and downstream mean? Simple...
  15. badlieutenant

    Need some help regarding O2 sensors on for Sippy

    alright gents, so I'm thinking its time to change out the O2 sensors on my 2006 TJ Unlimited Rubicon. I'm attaching two pictures... one of the pictures is a diagram with the engine and where the O2 sensors go. The second picture is the O2 sensors. Will someone please tell me what location...