1. R

    Testing PCM (No crank)

    Good morning everyone! First time poster here. Loving this resource so far. Greatly appreciate the service manuals. I have a No Crank condition. So far, I have; Ignition Cylinder (Replaced), Ignition Switch (Replaced), Neutral Safety Switch (Bench Test - good), Starter Relay (Bench Test -...
  2. L

    Unanswered SKIM problem

    Searched the threads and I didn’t see this question asked. I’ve had the TJ for 3 years and a prior owner had removed the SKIM sensor. No problems starting and running in 3 years until recently when the engine would stall after a couple of seconds running and I got the P1686 code. I sent the PCM...
  3. Elizabeth06TJ

    PCM Issues

    Hey Y'all I have a 2006 TJ 4.0 Auto that decided it wanted to shell the factory PCM. At first it was throwing a P0203 code and after replacing the wiring harness, it came down to there is no output from that pin out of the factory PCM. I ordered one off of WranglerFix from Mark and now the jeep...
  4. R

    New PCM & still crank no start

    Hello all, I am in need of assistance. Found some frame rot on my jeep and parked for a bit and was starting it every couple of weeks by the 2nd or 3rd time it just cranked and no start. I have my 5 volt reference to the crank sensor. My ASD relay and fuel pump clicks when keyed on. I tried...
  5. C

    Can I swap a 1999 2.5 PCM into my 1997 2.5?

    Curious if anyone knows if I can put a 99 2.5 stand trans pcm into a 97 2.5 standard trans? And will it run correctly?
  6. J

    Is my PCM bad?

    Got a little technical question. My 2002 tj 4.0 5 spd with 221000+ miles would occasionally stutter some but otherwise ran great. The check engine light was on and I got P1391. I swapped the cam sensor, no change. Swapped the crank sensor, let it idle 10 minutes and drove it across the yard...
  7. C

    Where can I find a PCM for my 2003 Rubicon?

    HELP!! Looking for a PCM and or someone that can point me in the right direction. They are discontinued at the dealership, and lot for websites I look at are $1800 the website looks like a scam.
  8. Crazyman1304

    No start problem

    Hi all, The past few months I've been having troubles with my Jeep. I've looked around all over and made a post here trying to diagnose it and have come up with it maybe being the TCM. Have one ordered up and it arrives tomorrow! But today the problems got worse. I have driven the TJ 3 times...
  9. Zach O'Neill

    Random Stall / Misfire

    Firstly apologies, I’ve posted quite a bit about this in the past but I’m at a loss and don’t really know what else to do. So here I am again , I’ve had some major issues with my 2004 4.0 Auto TJ that I’ve posted extensively about and had some really helpful conversations about , but...
  10. J

    PCM replacement?

    I've heard PCMs are hard to find these days. I've got a 1998 4.0L. Codes showing #5 cylinder problem (P0205) even after I replaced injector, switched it to see if it's defective, and replaced connector. The injector is not clicking. So I'm thinking it's the PCM. One mechanic told me those are...
  11. G

    Is the ECM on my 1997 TJ bad?

    Greetings, new member here. I have a 1997 TJ that I bought new in January of 1997. It now has about 125,000 miles and has always been a great and dependable vehicle. The other day I tried to start it and I noticed the the CEL did not come on when I turned the key but instead the Check Gauges...
  12. daurand

    No fuel

    2002 4.0 manual stalled while wife was driving ☹️. Fuel gauge shows empty and won’t restart. I was thinking fuel pump died. Engine spins when attempting to start. Dropped tank - still 1/2 full of gas. When I apply 12V to electric connector at tank, pump sprays gas. I checked continuity of power...
  13. thedustyboot

    (SOLVED) Weird symptoms with automatic PCM in manual TJ (2.5, AX-5)

    Starting a thread to discuss/investigate some intermittent engine stumbling/staggering issues I've noticed after I bought this TJ with regards to possible compatibility issues with having a PCM from a TJ with an Automatic As per @RMETeeJay 's suggestion I've started a new thread here to post...
  14. billlaaayyy

    P0700 and P0891 codes: Transmission or PCM?

    Starting to get a bit frustrated with trouble-shooting so hoping maybe someone has come across a similar/same issue that may have a suggestion or two on anything else to test prior to opening up the wallet :-) Purchased a 2005 TJ SE, 4.0 back in december via facebook marketplace and issues...
  15. R

    O2 sensor codes

    I THINK THIS IS MY SECOND POST AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AROUND QUITE ABIT ABOUT THIS ON THIS FORUM AND OTHERS. I have 2005 Rubicon 2 door inline 6 100k miles had her since 2018 automatic 42rle been getting CA emissions 4 o2 sensors : Current Issue p0031 p0037 p0051 and p0057 . I had these...
  16. declanj23

    P1776, P0740, P700, and P0732 error codes

    I drive a Jeep TJ 2006, Auto Trans. So I have had my Jeep around 3 months in that time I have been fighting issues with my transmission / Limp Mode. (Maybe my PCM I was hoping @Wranglerfix might offer some advice.) So I after about 1 hour of driving at night much cooler on the downshift around...
  17. Lax22

    Maryland PCM, SKIM module, SKIM key, and ignition cylinder (2001 Jeep XJ 4.0 auto)

    Long shot but I have these parts from an 01 xj I parted out. Jeep ran well, It was a 4.0l automatic. Figured if someone here wanted to retrofit a SKIM system to their 00-01 xj they could find this useful. Not sure if it will work on TJs of the same year. Looking for $200 shipped or best offer.
  18. T

    Will a PCM from a 2003 TJ fit in my 2002?

    So I believe I found my issue is that my pcm is wrong. My tj is an 02 and the pcm was out of an '00, it physically plugged in but was getting no bus. does anyone know if an 03 will work in my 02? Both jeep and pcm are non skim and I would only have to wait until tomorrow for this one rather...
  19. 03Jeeper

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    Okay, I'm super new to this so bear with me... I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Well, my daughter has. Anyhow, she launched a rod through the block. This was due to some problem that caused the check engine light to come on. Long story short... New motor is in and same problem: The Jeep...
  20. S

    Chasing Codes & Blowing Cash

    1st Time Post-er, Having some trouble with my 2005 TJ, Automatic 4.0L. 66k miles on her, and has been running great until recently... Driving home one afternoon, cruising at 45 mph (2200RPM), all of sudden RPMs jump to 3000 and the ol' money indicator lamp turns on. She limps home, and that's...