1. TJistheway

    Help determining correct Dana 30 pinion seal

    Hey guys! I am new here. I've been lurking for a while and have gotten a ton of useful info and inspiration from the site already so thanks! I have a specific question so figured I should go ahead and create a profile. After extensive searching, I can't find a definite answer and am hoping...
  2. crice

    Jeep TJ SRT4 build

    Alright I’m ready to lose my mind reading threads that never get answered lol. I’m going to be turboing my 04 SE 2.4 after I found it it’s the same motor in the Neon SRT4. This will be somewhat of a build thread and somewhat of a question thread. I’ve already bought a exhaust and intake...
  3. SSTJ

    The SE / Four Cylinder / Four-Banger / Four-Popper / 2.5L / 2.4L Resource

    Hi all, Someone stop me if this already exists, but I haven't found it, so here we go. If I keep this updated well enough, it can be a place where we collect links of relevant threads, and also the names of other members who are in this same SE boat. To get things going, here are the best...
  4. Hibi

    Which TJ is this?

    Hey guys I could really use your help on this one. I’m in the Middle East & been looking for a tj in good shape. I think I found one but not sure what type/year it is? Seller says it’s a 2006 Sahara, but 2006 only made 65th anniversary SE & Golden Eagle? & also not in this blue color? Am I...
  5. Eric M

    Hello from the Florida Panhandle

    Hello everyone! My name is Eric and I recently moved from Eastern NC to the FL Panhandle for work. I had my quarter life crises and bought a 1998 SE almost 6 months ago. Let me tell you, I've been loving every minute of it! It's my first Jeep, first time driving manual, and will be my first...
  6. Devinr29

    Shifter is very sloppy and has alot of play

    Hello Everybody, I have a 99 4cyl with the ax-5 transmission. Recently I replaced my shifter bushing because I had a lot of play and slop in my shifter. it didn't fix anything. I drove my friends' jeep the other day and his felt very tight and notchy. I was wondering how I can get that on my...
  7. tnkayaker615

    Replacing 2.4L

    I just picked up a 2006 2.4L engine 30k miles to replace my 05 that has 180+k. It has been giving me trouble for awhile so I was researching engine swaps when I found this engine for a price I could not pass up. I'm looking for advice on what I should replace/upgrade on the engine and in the bay...
  8. T

    Jeep TJ engine options

    After test driving a 97 tj se with the 2.5 4 cyl, im not sure if i should opt for the 4.0. The 4 cyl did not seem too bad on power, but i cant exactly compare to the 4.0 as i have never driven one, and dont know if the 2.4 would be worth it over the 2.5. Are the other upgrades to the sport (what...
  9. Tony Mig

    E-Autogrilles Off Road Taillight Guard question

    I purchased a pair of these for our 99' TJ. I have no issues unbolting and unplugging the taillights however as many of you know putting those cages on increases the depth of the taillight and the 3 triangular screws will not re-thread as they are too short. 1. Anyone else have this issues...
  10. StG58

    1999 SE from stock

    So, is this the place for a build design thread or does that belong in the TJ section? I'm starting to get a handle on what the SE could use, but need to bounce ideas off the experts before I start writing checks.