1. J

    Advice Needed for Replacing Tie Rods, Drag Link, and Control Arms on 2004 Jeep TJ Rubicon

    Hey everyone, I'm planning to replace the tie rods, drag link, and control arms on my 2004 Jeep TJ Rubicon. My current setup includes 2.5" Rough Country lift springs, Rancho 5000X shocks, JKS adjustable sway bar end links, and JKS track bars. Does anyone have recommendations for aftermarket...
  2. Stinkbug

    California Steering Gear off 1997 TJ (Free)

    I have a steering gear that was recently removed from my 1997 TJ. The Jeep has about 101k miles on it when removed and it was functioning without any issues. It was removed in the process of adding hydro assist. Other than a 1997, I am unsure what other years this may fit. If you have...
  3. R

    06 TJ for sale. How bad is the rust on the frame and springs?

    Hi! I have been reading this forum religiously since the past month to learn about maintaining and loving a TJ. I’ve been in the market for a TJ for some time and came across an ‘06 Sport with decent mileage, automatic, 4L I6, mostly been in WV and about 6 years in Ohio. What do you all think of...
  4. Latimera

    Steering Box Replacement / Upgrade for 2006 Jeep TJ

    Hi guys, I have a 2006 TJ Sport with the 4.0 and 6speed. I also have the stock steering box and setup. I am utilizing the ZJ steering upgrade as well. My power steering gear box has started to leak and I want to look into options for replacement. It leaks not enough to make a puddle but enough...
  5. F

    4+ inch lift steering kit on stock suspension

    I have a 99 and am
  6. BlueC

    SOLD Like-new Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Steering Kit with Damper Mount

    Like-new Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Steering Kit with damper mount. This one; I purchased as an open box RockJock deal, but was sent this instead. It appears to have been installed, but never...
  7. JeepGirl1013

    Purchased my first TJ

    I just purchased my first TJ and it’s frame Is in GREAT shape. No rust anywhere. It’s a great project car. I drove to AR to pick her up. She has a rebuilt motor and seems to have been kept up for the most part. I bought her from an elderly gentleman who says he’s basically just started her...
  8. zachpeakee

    Steering won't return to center (6.1 degree caster - 1/8" toe-in)

    Only my third message ever in the forums, and I hate to be 'that guy', but here we go. According to the alignment rack AND my digital angle gauge, I'm sitting at 6.1* positive caster & 1/8 Toe-In. Despite that, the Steering will not "return to center". Meaning, at any speed, If I point the...
  9. W

    Hydraulic cylinder attached to steering, I don't think its hydro assist?

    Hey, everyone. I've got what's essentially a stock TJ here and it has this cylinder attached to the steering. These are pictures taken from the modded one I bought, swapping engines and lift and all due to bad frame. They both have this, and I don't think it's hydro assist, because it looks...
  10. Aidan;)

    Jeep begins to jump side-to-side when turning super sharp

    Ok so I've had the Jeep for over a year. Its a 1998 and has had this condition where when I take very sharp turns somewhat quickly not like zooming but quick it begins to I guess death wobble where there's clanking and the vehicle shakes. Not really shakes but moves in sync with the clanking and...
  11. Nreid67

    Searching for Solution to Rattle Noise

    Hey all, so I’ve got an issue I’m trying to diagnose and so far all I’ve got is that it’s got to be a clutch issue and it could also be steering column related. Not really an issue when I first start rolling but after I get where I’m going and I turn into a parking spot in 1st or 2nd and...
  12. 9

    97 2.5 dives to the left heavy under moderate braking

    97 4cyl manual all stock except some late 90s bumper and wheels. Had the Jeep since the fall, brought it into a mechanic who said overall it's fine and didn't notice anything that needed immediate replacement. Previous owner was an older guy who took pretty good care of it but didnt have service...
  13. owenjan11

    1997 TJ 4.0 front end rattle after steering upgrades

    My brother and I purchased the jeep back in early 2020, the owner before us did some modifications but many have stopped working and/or caused other systems to falter. We've been hearing a loud ticking noise in the front axle , we replaced the drivers side u joint (which was broken) but the...
  14. GoldiRocks

    Pulling to right on deceleration

    Hi all! Bought a TJ a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer on where to start with this odd steering behavior. I'm finding that when taking my foot off the gas, that the jeep wants to make a sudden dive to the right. The higher in the rpm range, the...
  15. mynamesrickgrimes

    Replacing steering box; pitman arm removal?

    The steering box on my 2000 has started leaking; rather than throw a band-aid on it with stop-leak, I'm going to buy a remanufactured one off eBay. I've watched a bunch of videos, all of which show using a pitman arm puller to remove the pitman arm. Looking at eBay, there are many listings...
  16. carrotman

    Moving Drag Link Position On Knuckle With Crossover Steering

    Maybe this applies to more JKs than TJs, but for crossover steering setups, what measurements matter in regards to the location where the drag link mounts to the knuckle? I know the distance between the mounting point and the steering inclination axis will affect the steering rate, but what...
  17. carrotman

    Stock TJ Steering Angle

    Just a quick question as the title says. What is the maximum angle a stock TJ's (or your own TJ's) front wheels will turn? I'm guessing around 40 degrees but can't verify that myself.
  18. Jackson S

    Super loose steering column

    Does anyone else have a really loose steering column, like to the point that its difficult to drive on the highway because the wheels go all over the road and you cant feel it in the steering wheel. Like its so bad that i cant shake the steering wheel pretty violently and the car wont turn at...
  19. TJustin

    GenRight Vented Power Steering Pulley Install w/ Data

    Got this cool little piece from a friend a few weeks ago and decided to install it today. GR offers them in blue and red anodizing. I'm glad the one I got was blue. Considering my previous experience with anodized aluminum, it didn't take much time, even when not in UV light for red items to...
  20. J.p1999

    Steering wheel and upper steering shaft moving in and out about 1.5 inches

    Hi i just bought my Wrangler TJ 4.0 from 2006 and now i recognized that my Steeringwheel and the attached Upper steering shaft moves in and out. It is Not really loose - it doesn‘t wiggle around. It just slides in and out. the Upper steering shaft slides Here (See picture). I attach a Video so...