transfer case

  1. Pert Near

    Trouble with severe vibration 25-50 mph

    I've been chasing this since I bought the LJ last October. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Actions tires, caster, pinon angle, upgraded to RPM drag link, track bar, and tie rod. The LJ drives better than when I bought it but still has a vibration...
  2. Jeepster97TJ

    Hard to Find - Slip Yoke Kit Output seal

    I have a 1997 TJ with a Currie Enterprises Transfer Case Conversion Kit CE-9069T and what seems to be a Rubicon Express yoke adapter and driveshaft (RE1807). I am not the original owner so I am digging all around trying to find a rear seal for the Tail end of my transfer case. I am not sure the...
  3. Tiger98

    Transfer Case Fill Plug

    I'm trying to do my first transfer case fluid change in my 231 and the fill plug is stuck tight. Also, it doesn't look like all the other fill plugs I've seen as it isn't an Allen key like they usually seem to be or even the 30mm head that a lot of people have mentioned. I can't tell if it...
  4. B

    Jeep makes grinding Noise from Transmission?

    Hello All, another question for those more experienced and mechanically apt than myself: My Jeep TJ (97 4.0 AX-15) is now making a grinding noise when engaging Reverse Gear. It is an extremely hard shift, but the grinding continues if I let off the pedal and allow the clutch to fully engage...
  5. B

    Transfer case lever moving but no shifting of transfer case at all

    Good afternoon! New to a Jeep, bought one for off road use at a property I have in Michigan. Once I get it up there, it will see mostly off-road use with some on-road use sprinked in. 2002 TJ, automatic transmission. 4.0L. The situation: Transfer case lever moves between 2H, 4H, and N with...
  6. J

    Recommendations while my AX15 transmission and transfer case are pulled

    Hello Everyone. My son and I have been working on our ‘97, 4.0L Manual with 200k for a few years and this site has been a life saver for two Jeep Noobs. So first thanks to the forum and help on so many issues We’ve had some clutch problems and decided to replace the clutch. The transmission...
  7. L

    SYE kit installed, transfer case not shifting out of 2WD

    Hello everyone, I recently just installed a new SYE kit into my 99 Tj. After putting in the TC and filling with oil, I cannot get the transfer case to shift out of 2wd. I am currently waiting on my rear driveshaft and was trying to take a test cruise in 4hi. I checked the shift rod and its...
  8. bluescapegoat

    SOLD Under Cover Fabworks Ultra High Clearance Skid 03-06

    PN 619620083883 3/16 steel Skid only $150 pick up only Lakeville, MN.
  9. Liro

    Lowering Transfer Case

    I'm looking for temporary solutions to reducing vibrations of the 4" lift of my 1997 TJ. I believe it is a 4" rough country lift kit with probably 1" body lift and 3" suspension lift. Would I be able to drop the transfer case more than an inch? I was imagining that the vibrations would reduce...
  10. jarhead8086

    SOLD 231J TC w/ SYE Kit, Rear Driveshaft, & Front Driveshaft

    231J Transfer Case 150k Miles Rubicon Express SYE Kit - Installed 2020 - 10k Miles Rubicon Express Rear Double Cardan Driveshaft - Installed 2020 - 10k Miles Compressed: 15.5" - Extended: 17.5" Rebalanced/Painted in 2022 by Republic Diesel (Louisville, KY) Stock Front Drive Shaft - 150k Miles...
  11. masnottuh

    Interest in Tera Low rebuilds

    I recently rebuilt a Tera low 4:1 np231 kit, including machining new helical gears, rebuilding the planetary cage upgrading bushings to needle bearings, etc. The end product is essentially a brand new tera low kit minus the minimal wear items like the inner gear and input shaft. My question is...
  12. masnottuh

    Tera Low 4:1 NP231 transfer case

    NP231 with tera-low 4:1 kit dirty but otherwise in good working order. I don't need it as I already have a rubicrawler. 23 spline input, long shaft, will work with the auto trans. Would need to swap input shafts to use with the manual ax-15 trans. Ill let it go for $900 + shipping to a forum...
  13. L

    241 Transfer Case Broken Adapter

    Recently I finally opened up my transfer case for some much needed maintenance, everything went great till we got to the adapter that bolts to the transmission. While trying to get the bearing out we broke the lip that holds it in and now the jeep sits in pieces. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t...
  14. B

    Transfer case and SYE issue

    Hey good day this is not one of my normal post but here I go. I purchased a 1987-06 Jeep YJ TJ XJ MJ NP231 Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit RT24005 brand new for my 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ X series and I recently installed it, watch couple videos on YouTube to make sure I was doing the right...
  15. Pickle121

    Slow and steady transfer case leak

    Is there a way to check its fill level? It appears to be leaking from the fill plug. I’ll take better pictures, but here’s one from some days ago. I just had the rear end rebuilt and fluids changed at the end of June/beginning of July, among other unrelated work.. Tryin to determine if it...
  16. Natethegreat202

    Stranded 98 TJ with potential clutch issue

    Hey guys! Needing some of yall's awesome expertise! So here's what happened. Im out wheeling by where I live, nothing crazy but I go into 4WD Low from 4WD High to get up a hill/mound and after I get over it maybe, 10-20 feet later the 4WD light on my dash goes out. When I notice this I come to a...
  17. DuceDuck

    Transfer Case Leak?

    I’m guessing this is a transfer case leak but I’m not fully sure. Any help is appreciated.
  18. Tim_with_the_tj

    Play in front transfer case output?

    New driveshaft is going in soon and I’m wondering… is this a normal amount of play for the front transfer case output? It only has axial play (in/out). Turn your sound up for the video. Thanks.
  19. M

    switching transfer case and back

    Making progress with my TJ. I towed it behind my RV a couple of times, and it behaves well. One thing I am not sure about is the best way to put it into "toad mode" and back. In the manual it says: put in neutral (Auto transmission), put transfer case into neutral, test that car does not move in...
  20. cjs_tj

    NP231 not working in 2wd

    Hi all. I've read around the forums and most people have it the other way around — in my case, the 4wd hi and lo both work great, but 2wd hi isn't working at all. I bought the jeep, 2wd worked on the test drive with the clutch feeling like it was about 95% of the way out (or maybe I am...