What did you do to your TJ today?


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Nov 8, 2019
land of waterfalls
I don't even drive it enough for people to know ...and typically I lock it ...we just got in from Hogs so late I can't remember ... I tend to keep it in my work truck and I keep one in the house because I wasn't doing a good job of bringing it in the house at night consistently... Or remembering to take it with me when I left the next day...

So I keep a Beretta in the house and I keep my Smith in the truck...and I got to jumping into my Jeep and playing around trying to enjoy the last of this good weather.

One of my workers told me that he thinks I had it with me Sunday evening I'm my Black 06 , when he rode with me to put a coat of finish on an island top I've built my wife.

That would mean I switched it over as I was going from one Jeep to the other Sunday ...so I'm going to recheck that one or see if I set it down somewhere as I transferred it.

What does bother me is the fact that I could have misplaced it and not been conscious of it..I don't like mindless behavior in myself.
It's kinda okay, we're all getting older.


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Jul 15, 2020
Northeast USA
Changed the tranny and tcase oil today. Left the skid up and folded up a piece of cardboard to direct tcase oil to hole in skid. Worked really well, almost no mess.
I've already done the rear differential, so I just have the front differential and my coolant flush and hose replacement left. Also need to throw on a new serpentine.


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Sep 16, 2020
Your taillight harness should be on driver's side inside the tub exiting through a rubber grommet driver's rear corner.
Thanks but it believe that thing in the background above my finger is the reverse light switch. Note the missing wires. (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)


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Sep 3, 2020
Knoxville, TN
No. I was instructed via this forum that JB Weld wouldn’t work... So I didn’t even try it.

Used a combination of heat, trying to use pound an oversided Torx nut into the stripped opening, using a Dremel to create a slot for a flat head, using heat and using a bolt extractor.

Bolt extractor worked on first one... Finally drilled through the second one...


All I know is that I will be able to install the Morryde hinge system when I recover from this hangover... At some point...
At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, when you say “drilled through” like completely? I have two bolts that aren’t budging, I haven’t tried heat or welding yet. People keep telling me to drill through them lol

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Jan 10, 2019
Jacksonville FL
Lord no.... Between jumping in and out of two different jeeps and my truck over 3 or 4 days I can't begin to tell you what I did.... Or if somebody got it exactly when they got it....crazy man.
I know what it's like. I was once close to calling the Sheriffs office and having to admit I did not know where it was. Best feeling ever to find it.
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